¿Qué impacto tienen los Twitter Files? – NTX 269

Hablemos del impacto de los Twitter Files.



Lecturas de Interés:
Twitter has, like its fellow social media platforms, been working for years to make the process of moderation efficient and systematic enough to function at scale. Not just so the platform isn’t overrun with bots and spam, but in order to comply with legal frameworks like FTC orders and the GDPR.

Setting aside the political motivations of the various participants in this limited hangout, or the question of journalistic value (or ethics) around the Twitter threads, I think what’s going inside Musk’s head is actually pretty simple and stupid: I think he noticed that Twitter attracts more traffic when he cultivates drama on the site and within the company, and he has stumbled upon a pretty effective means of cultivating more drama in order attract more traffic.

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