Perpetually Online – DTNS 4583

A show about life on the internet. That includes social media, memes, viral videos, and everything in between. In this episode we discuss X, the company formerly known as Twitter, as well as its many competitors. Plus we touch briefly on the “Attenzione Pickpocket” lady and the Pinkydoll trend on TikTok.

Starring Nicole Lee and Karissa Bell

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Show Notes
Elon Musk is rebranding Twitter to X

Twitter’s rebrand to X could worsen its legal and financial problems

Twitter becomes X

“The everything app”: why Elon Musk wants X to be the WeChat of the west

Is decentralization the future of social media?

Inside Twitter rival’s Bluesky first major crisis

Stanford researchers find Mastodon has a massive child abuse material problem

Threads adds chronological feed

“Attenzione pickpocket” vigilante found to have far-right links

A woman on TikTok started talking like a robot for money. Then came the imitators