Interview with R. A. Salvatore at Dragon*Con 2012

So we miss Friday videos as much as you. Starting tomorrow, the one year exclusivity lifts on our first show.  But tomorrow isn’t Friday now is it? So NEXT Friday we’ll post our EP. 1 for Download.  But TODAY you get a never-before seen episode of Sword and Laser that is all yours.

The amazing Brit Weisman of Geek & Sundry shot the video for us last August and we never got a chance to use it.  This was especially sad because we transfered the video from Brit’s camera to my laptop as we walked through the streets of Atlanta trying to get me to the Parsec Awards on time.

So this afternoon I whipped together the clips and we present them here to you. Hope you enjoy it!

Note: If you would like to download this episode, you can! Click over to the page to download.