FSL All-star teams announced

The 2013 All-star game will take place at Benden Weyr on Pern this Saturday. The fan voting is in, which determined the starters. The five non-starters in each division who had the most votes make up the reserves The coaches, chosen from last year’s playoff teams, each have made one additional pick. The teams are ready to suit up! Thanks to everyone who voted. Total percentage of vote for starters is listed next to each name.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 all-star teams!

Coach – T’Pel (VUL)
Assistant Coach – Palpatine (COR)
C- Jean-Luc Picard (SF) 51%
BM – Bruce Banner (NYA) 40%
O – Tony Stark (NYA) 53%
D – Thor (NYA) 44% (by 1% over Data)
U – Leonard “Bones” McCoy (VUL) 43%

69 – Data (D)
49 Boba Fett (O)
41 – Steve Rogers (C)
39 – Mara Jade (U)
38 Kirk – (BM)

27 Spock – (C)

Coach – Joffrey Baratheon (LAN)
Assistant Coach – Paul Atreides (ARK)
C- Gandalf (RIV) 45%
BM – The Doctor (GAL) 67%
O – Bronn Sellsword (LAN) 40%**
D – Amy Pond (GAL) 44%
U – Tyrion Lannister (LAN) 69%

59 Bilbo Baggins (O)**
43 Jack Harkness (C)
36 Cersei Lannister (D)
33 Paul Atreides (C)
31 Bombur (D)
29 K-9 (U)**

27 Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane (BM)

**Bronn Sellsword was dropped from the Lannisport roster after the ballots were created. As such he still retains the title of all-star but cannot participate in the game since he is not currently signed with an FSL team. Bilbo Baggins of Rivendell will start and K-9 of Gallifrey was assigned as a reserve alternate based on fan vote.