First day of 2013, three days left in the Bay Area

Today I’ve spent most of the morning annoying my wife in here dogs being a busybody about the move. I’ve packed up all the electronics in their original boxes.

This is an exercise in puzzle-solving better than any iOS app ever. It has given me a great appreciation for the art of simple packing. Some electronics have minimal and obvious packing pieces that fit logically to protect the device and leave easily accessibly room for cables and accessories.

Others deserve some kind of bonus achievement for figuring out how they could possibly fit.

The worst of them all was the WiiU. Way to many pieces of packaging. Rock Band 2 was also an almost impossible piece. You have to unscrew the guitar to get it to separate into pieces. You should get an achievement unlocked in the game if you successfully fit the pieces back in the box. Sad to say I got everything safely in but I was still left with two extra bits I ended up throwing away.

Packers come and pack things, I do Tech News Today in the morning and come back home after dropping some stuff off at Goodwill, Eileen flies back to LA.