One Response to “East Meets West 246 – Bone marrow and beer”

  1. The views of Brian Brushwood really disgust me. This is pertaining to healthcare being a “right” in the US. So many people sacrificed so much to build this country/society. A large portion of those sacrifices we don’t know about or just refuse to acknowledged.

    Being an American citizen makes you part of a society. You are not a standalone piece of this puzzle. Everything in your life was/is provided by this society. The government provides services for this society to function, provided by your tax dollars. That is a good thing. Police Department, Fire Department, Roads etc. In my opinion Health Care should be in that list.

    I would not even know of Brian Brushwood if tax dollars from this society didn’t pay for the defense project that created today’s internet!

    I would think someones health is worth at least that.

    And finally the hypocrisy of Brian Brushwood. After the show he gushed on about how amazing it was that people gave him money so he could buy a computer. Because he was in NEED. But yet he doesn’t want his tax dollars to goto someone in need.

    The views of Brian Brushwood from “Scam School” really disgust me.

    Travis Campbell