East Meets West 208 – You need a vacation

Roger and Tom chat about what a vacation really does for you and how vacations got started, plus venture into the world of celebrities and why they’re popular, plus a quick dissertation on all this live streaming video on the Net these days.

Get the show at this link: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/www.archive.org/download/EastMeetsWest208-YouNeedAVacation/eastmeetswest208.mp3

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One Response to “East Meets West 208 – You need a vacation”

  1. Troy D


    First off congratulations on your upcoming move to Twit TV I look forward to seeing your upcoming show and have greatly enjoyed your time with Cnet (p.s. love all the segways on BOL)
    I’m curious as to how I can hire you as a private consultant for an upcoming project I’m undertaking( project to last 3 years ). This consulting would be casual (emails and phone calls on your schedule)

    I’ve been trying to find a direct email to you for a while so I hope you get this.
    PS Please delete this post after you have read.

    Warmest Regards,