East Meets West 207 – The 36 percent solution

Brian Brushwoood of NSFW Show and Scam School guests in place of Roger and tells us among other things how he thinks Lost will end. Tom gives it a 36% chance of being right. Also, Tom tells how the whole job change from TWiT to CNET went down.

Get the show at this link: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/www.archive.org/download/EastMeetsWest207-The36PercentSolution/eastmeetswest207.mp3

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One Response to “East Meets West 207 – The 36 percent solution”

  1. Jon88

    Another (perverse) reason to keep the Closed Captioning on besides mumbling actors: The captioning doesn’t always match the soundtrack. Sometimes it’s revealing, as with the opening and closing voice-overs on “In Plain Sight,” where you can hear how the writers belatedly decided to make Mary’s comments more personal. And sometimes, it’s comedy gold, when you have a captioner who’s working without benefit of a script, and clearly can’t make out what he’s hearing.