DTNS 2515 – We’re Doomed

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comVeronica Belmont and Roger Chang join to discuss Microsoft’s announcements of backwards compatibility and Minecraft for Hololens at E3. And is it truly the best lineup of Xbox games in history?


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Show Notes

Today’s guests: Veronica Belmont and Roger Chang


Microsoft had their E3 press conference this morning. The crowd-pleaser was the announcement of backwards-compatibility fro Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. Select titles will show up automatically if bought through Xbox Live or can be added by inserting a disc. A new Xbox Wireless Elite Controller was also announced coming in Autumn, no price. It is fully reprogrammable and even has swappable buttons and sticks. Windows 10 was announced as a platform for Valve VR and a version of Minecraft has been crated for HoloLens. Among the game announcements were Halo 5 Guardians coming 10/27, Rainbow Six: Siege October 13th, Rare Replay with 30 classic games for $30 August 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider November 10. Also Cuphead, Dark Souls 3…. We’re going to talk more about this hang on.

Bethesda kicked off the pre-E3 press extravaganza last night. A new Doom, just called Doom is the first game on the new idTech 6 engine, has an accessible modding tool called Snapmap and will come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2016. Elder Scrolls: Legends is a strategy card game with a trailer very similar to Hearthstone’s, free to play on iPad and PC by the end of the year. Dishonored 2 is coming though we don’t know when. And Fallout 4 arrived November 10, with mods you can create on PC and transfer to Xbox One and a pip-boy app that can be best used inside a full-sized real-life Pip-Boy sleeve available in a collector’s edition. And a free to play Fallout mobile game called FalloutShelter has launched.

Facebook launched a new app called Moments that groups photos based on when they were taken and identifies who is in them. You can then choose to sync them with specific friends and vice versa. It can also group photos based on who is in them and let you search for photos of particular people. Moments launches today in the US on iOS and Android with more countries to follow over time.

Re/code has a breakdown of the revenue split for Apple’s Music. Apple executive Robert Kondrk, who negotiates music deals, says Apple will pay out 71.5 percent of the $10 a month subscription revenue from the US. Outside the US the percentage will be around 73%. That will be split up somehow among music owners (labels and publishers) one assumes based on plays. Apple however will not pay labels for rights to their music during the three month free trial which begins June 30th.

Venture Beat reports that Razer has acquired android game console-maker Ouya. Investment bank Mesa Global has confirmed the deal but Razer has not confirmed. VB says Ouya debt holders triggered the sale and would cost $10 million to buy out the debt holders. Razer has its own Android console called the Forge. Ouya has a library of 1124 android games including some exclusives and more than 40k plus developers.

The Next Web reports that Skype for web is now available worldwide. Skype’s web app works with IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Windows and OS X as well as on Chrome OS and Linux. For now, you’ll need plugin to make calls, but in the future the web app will use Web RTC.

The New York Times reports IBM will commit hundreds of millions of dollars to developing Apache Spark, the open source project for real-time data analysis. Spark was developed at the Algorithms, Machines and People Lab at the University of California, Berkeley. IBM said it will put more than 3,500 of its developers and researchers to work on Spark-related projects, embed Spark in its data analysis software and offer Spark as a service.

Engadget reports Spotify has launched a site called spotify-tasterewind.com which analyzes your music library to recommend decade-specific playlists from the 1960s through whatever we call the last decade before this one. So for instance if I like Major Lazer, Wiz Khalifa and Pitbull, my 1970s playlist might have Bob Marley, The Isley Brothers and Julio Iglesias. Which is what happened for Tom.

News From You:

t2t2 informed us that the makers of Notepad ++ have left SourceForge. A blog post on notepad-plus-plus.org cites SourceForge’s several incidents where sourceforge bundled ad-ware into hosted open source projects, without notifying the owners and creators of the software. The post reads, “Such a shameless policy should be condemned, and the Notepad++ project will move entirely out of SourceForge.” The post encourages other project owners to also move off SourceForge.

tglass1976 sent us a Gizmodo article about the first prosthetic leg that can simulate sensation. A team at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria relocated a patient’s nerve endings closer to where the prosthesis connects, and connected the nerve endings to stimulators located in the prosthetic legs, which are then connected to six sensors on the sole of the prosthetic foot. When the sensors push against the ground, the nerve endings get a sense of feeling. The sense of touch makes the user safer and can help stop phantom limb pain.

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Pick of the Day:

Devulu wanted to share this:

I found a beautiful website called http://species-in-pieces.com/.

The website was created by Amsterdam-based Designer Bryan James, who decided to push the limits of CSS’s animation capabilities while also building a platform for raising awareness of endangered species around the world. The result is “In Pieces”, an interactive catalog of 30 animals created entirely with CSS.

The animations are fascinating and it also raises awareness, how cool!

Works best in Google Chrome.


Russell writes in:

On Friday’s show you were talking about Google being forced to block a website as part of a judgement by the Canadian court against a company called Datalink. The strange thing about this was the use of a private company, Google, to enforce a judgement. I am not a lawyer but it would seem the enforcement of a judgement would lay in the hands of law enforcement, the judicial system or the correctional system. This seemed like a very strange thing to do and felt a bit off. Wondering if there is a lawyer in the DTNS community who could shed some light on it.

Great to have seen the next Patreon goal met!!

Scott writes:

With Friday’s news/rumour that Blackberry may be working on an Android based phone I’m wondering if Nokia and Blackberry aren’t perfectly suited for a technical partnership of some sort.

Blackberry brings device management & security, with Samsung Knox nipping at it’s heals. As well as BBM, one of the largest messaging clients, fourth or fifth?

While Nokia brings solid mapping, which it really wants to become a viable smart phone alternative to Google Maps and/or Apple Maps.

​Both have a devote fan base, and I believe that both have moved away from producing their own hardware.​

​Perhaps a partnership of two drowning rats?​


Tuesday’s Guests: Patrick Beja