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Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comPatrick Beja joins us to discuss the Pew Research estimate of Web IQ and see how our own compares. Are you smarter than the rest of the Net? or Web? Do you know the difference?


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Show Notes

Today’s guest: Patrick Beja, host of Le Rendez-vous Tech and Pixels and The Phileas Club podcasts

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Apple Insider reports Apple’s deal to make Google the default search engine in the Safari browser expires in early 2015. The Information says representative from Yahoo and Microsoft have already spoken with Apple’s Eddy Cue about taking over the slot. Bing is the default search engine in Siri, replacing Google in iOS7 in 2013.

PC World reports on Pew Research Center’s quiz of 1066 people who at least occasionally use the Internet, to find out how much they know about the Web. 83% of people correctly identified a photo of Bill Gates the top correct answer. Though knowing hashtags were used in Twitter was right behind at 82%. The one nobody knew was the first popular graphical Web browser. Only 9% answered ‘Mosaic.’. Next to last were the 21% of people who could correctly identify a picture of Sheryl Sandberg.

TechCrunch passes along an IDC report that full-year iPad shipments are expected to decline 12.7% this year as a result of a generally sluggish tablet market. While the overall market for tablets is still expected to grow 7.2% this is a big slowdown from the 52.5% growth of a year ago. Analysts say the problem with tablets in general is people are holding on to them longer than mobile phones. Emerging markets are the bright spot for tablet makers, expected to account for 50.6% of shipments in the market this year.

Re/code reports that Twitter has introduced digital coupons. Twitter Offers are discounts that users can claim from an advertisers tweet by linking their credit or debit card with Twitter. The users then redeem the discount by paying in-store with the linked card. Advertisers will be able to measure the monetary impact of online promotions, and Twitter will make money off promoted tweets. Not to mention have a treasure trove of registered credit cards in their database. Select retailers and food chains will start promoting their offers on Twitter today.

ZDNet passes along an announcement from the UN’s International Telecommunications Union, that the online population has grown to more than 3 billion people, up 6.6% in 2014. Two thirds of all people online live int he developing world. The numbers came in the annual Measuring the Information Society Report on November 24.

GigaOm reports that the BBC is working with Greatfire.org to use something called “collateral freedom” to attempt to bypass Chinese blocks on BBC Content. Users would be able to view the content without using a VPN or Proxy. Essentially Greatfire can direct users to BBC content hosted on CDNs like Amazon Cloudfront or Microsoft Azure. This makes it harder for the content to be blocked without blocking the entire CDN which is used by many legitimate Chinese companies.

The Next Web reports Xiaomi announced its first 4G mobile device for India called the Redmi Note 4G. It’s a dual-sim LTE phone with 8 GB of flash storage, 5.5-inch IPS 72-p display, 3100mAh removable battery a 13-mpxl rear camera and a 5-mpxl front camera. There is also a 3G version. The Redmi Note 4G goes on sale in December at Airtel retail stores and through local flash sales on Flipkart. Registration for the first flash sale on Flipkart started today at 6 PM IST. Sales for that start Dec. 2 for Rs. 8,999.

Ars Technica reports the US Federal Trade Commission has settled with Sony Computer Entertainment and advertising agency Deutsch LA over claims made in early ads for the PlayStation Vita. The complaint focused on the Remote Play feature which only worked on a few PS3 titles. One ad showed Remote Play working with the game Killzone 3 which never supported the feature. Sony will offer Vita customers who bought the system before June 1, 2012 a $25 rebate or a $50 voucher “for select games and services.”


News From You:

goofball_jones let us know about the Ars Technica article that the US FCC has stopped T-Mobile from hiding their throttling speeds. T-Mobile was exempting speed tests from the data cap on throttled users and showing them full speeds even when they were being throttled for hitting their monthly data limit. As part of the agreement T-Mobile will send text messages and add links to their website to places with accurate speed tests.

schenko passed along the CNET report that the Bloodsport gaming system that draws real blood when you take virtual damage received a body blow yesterday when Kickstarter suspended the campaign’s funding. Blood Sport did not respond to CNET inquiries, and Kickstarter said their policy is not to comment on project suspensions.

Satrfuryzeta sent in the Verge article about a volunteer group of Samsung engineers developing a second generation of the company’s EYECAN technology designed to allow people to navigate a computer interface with their eyes. v solts in under a computer monitor and allows the user to highlight with a look and click with a blink. It’s meant specifically for users with injuries or advanced disease. Samsung does not plan to commercialize the product which costs about $500 to make. The company plans to opens source the design.

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