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Today’s guest: Patrick Beja, independent podcaster!

Patrick’s patreon: http://www.patreon.com/RDVTech


TechCrunch reports Apple released a statement on their 40-hour investigation into the unauthorized access of celebrity photos. Apple determined that “ certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions.” Apple says that the intrusions were not a result of breaches in the iCloud or Find My iPhone systems. Ars Technica reports the FBI is also investigating whether the accounts of the celebrities were hacked.

The New York Times reports on a decision by a court in Frankfurt, banning Uber’s UberPop service from operating in Germany. The court found that Uber did not get the necessary licenses and insurance for all drivers, and selected passengers which is not allowed for Taxis who must take anyone who can pay. Uber Black— a service with luxury sedans— is unaffected by the ban. Uber says it will continue to operate in Germany. Uber could face fines of up to 250,000 euros, or about $330,000 if any taxi company brings a complaint over Uber violating the ban.

According to Ars Technica, more than two thousand game developers signed an open letter asking for tolerance and acceptance in the gaming community. Andreas Zecher wrote the letter which says, “everyone, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or disability has the right to play games, criticize games and make games without getting harassed or threatened.” The letter comes in response to two recent incidents. Anita Sarkeesian, who creates videos analyzing the portrayal of women in video games left her home after being threatened. Also Zoe Quinn, creator of Depression Quest was harassed and threatened after an ex-boyfriend wrote a critical blog post revealing personal info about her. 

TechCrunch reports Google has rebranded its enterprise services as ‘Google for Work.’ Familiar apps all have enterprise versions which will now add ‘for work’ to their name to distinguish them from the free consumer versions. So, Drive for Work, Search for Work, et cetera. The new names are meant to make it simpler to explain what the tools are.

Netflix has partnered with Facebook to make video recommendations but maybe not in the way you’d expect. TechCrunch reports that if you’ve connected your Facebook account to Netflix, after watching a show, you’ll be asked if you want to suggest a video to a friend. If you do it, the suggestion will not show up on the Facebook news feed, instead it will op up the next time that person uses Netflix. Or if they don’t have Netflix it will be sent as a private Facebook message.

CNET reports that Sonos will now let users connect its speakers directly to a Wi-Fi network, without the need for a bridge connected to your router. Sonos Playbar in 3.1 or 5.1 configurations will still need a wired connection. A software update is available today. If you’re home is too big to get good WiFi everywhere you’d like a speaker, Sonos also has a new wireless peripheral called the Sonos Boost, available later this year, for $99. 

News From You

diggsalot submitted a post from WeLiveSecurity.com passing along the Popular Science story about fake cellphone “towers.” The article quotes CEO of ESD America, Les Goldsmith saying his team found 17 interceptors during the month of July. An interceptor is used by law enforcement and criminals alike to mimic a cell phone tower and ‘intercept connections without being detected. ESD America markets a hardened Samsung Galaxy phone called the CryptoPhone 500.

KAPT_Kipper passes along the TechCrunch report about Apple publishing the Top 10 reasons it rejects apps. Sixty percent of App rejections during a seven day period in August 2014 were due to these ten reasons. The number one most common reason? “More information needed.” The number 2 reason? Bugs in the code. Other reasons include not complying with the Developer Program License Agreement, an overly complex or poorly designed interface, or the use of placeholder text. 42% of the rejections were for ‘Other Reasons’, because– reasons. 

and tm204 passed along the 9to5 Mac story that Reddit has launched an Ask me Anything app for iOS that gives you an easy way to follow real-time and archived AMAs. AMAs are Reddit’s most popular feature, with 6.2M followers. A third of Reddits visitors come from mobile, so the site plans to try to address that user base more actively.

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