Delayed Omens – The S&L Podcast #52

Well it looks like our book wrapup may be delayed a tad, but it’s OK.  We have it under control.  And we even have an idea for the next bok already.  So just give Veronica a break will you?  Oh.  You were.  Thanks for that.

Book releases: 
1 February (special edition), 3 March (standard) – A former city broker ekes out a rural existence in a post-economic collapse Devon before encountering an expanding Chinese techno-empire. The first in the twenty-volume re-release of Wingrove’s Chung Kuo serie
Tor UK: 4 February- The sixth volume of Tchaikovsky’s Shadows of the Apt series once again sees Collegium under threat from outside forces, but this time the Wasps are not the enemy. Major betrayals and shocks are promised as the series moves into its second half
Bantam Books (UK): 21 February
Tor US: 1 March
The Malazan Book of the Fallen reaches its conclusion (more or less – six more books in two trilogies are on their way) in its tenth volume. The Bonehunters confront the Forkrul Assail in distant Kolanse with the fate of the Crippled God and the world itself at stake. Expect a divisive ending of Lost proportions.
Gollancz (UK): 1 March
DAW (USA): 1 March
The first the ‘Big Missing Three’ SFF books of the last few years to make it to print, the bookshelf-destroying sequel to the giga-selling Name of the Wind is picking up some mixed advanced reviews (great writing, glacial pace, pretty much the same as the first one) but will no doubt be a great success.
BARE YOUR SWORD – feedback from the audience
Good Omens – Why Veronica hasn’t finished.
Who should we get at Dragon*Con? Guest list is here.

Hi Tom And Veronica
Love the show.  Especially for introducing me to Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman.  I think if C.S. Lewis & Douglas Adams wrote a book together, It would be similar to this book.  
That’s about as high a praise as I can give it.  I’ve gotten another Pratchett (Unseen Academicals) to immediately plow through.  I only hope Pratchett & Gaiman individually are half as good as Gaichett(?) or Pratman(?).   My vote is for Pratman.
Thanks again,

Hey guys, I love your show and listen to it in massive chunks when I need to get through a long design project. I just listened to the podcasts where Veronica says, several times it seems, that Anne Rice is no longer “born again” and has renounced “that whole lifestyle”. I wanted to comment (“well actually”) that she is still a believer in the divinity of the man known as Jesus, she simply made a statement divorcing herself from American right-wing politics. Outside of the political arena, she remains the same lady with the same beliefs.
I only write because it could be interpreted from the comments on the show that she changed her beliefs and that this could influence the book. While that is still possible, it’s less likely when her comments are taken in context.
Thanks for doing the show. You guys not only fill a need but do it with top quality.
Every time I listen to your podcast I think to myself  “I wonder why
they chose ‘barrier sword’ as the title of the feedback section?””  It
wasn’t until I read the show notes for the latest podcast this morning
(and about 3 seconds of dissonance) that I realized my mistake.  Oops.
 Good choice on the real title, much better than the one I made up in
my head =).
Thanks for the book club.


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