Cordkillers Ep. 46 – Cultural CliffsNotes

Dana Brunetti joins us and talks about his cord-cutting experience and whether Nielsen rating Netflix and Amazon is a good idea. 

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CordKillers: Ep. 46 – Cultural CliffsNotes
Recorded: November 24, 2014
Guest: Dana Brunetti

Intro Video 

Primary Target

  • Watching shows online is more common now, Flurry says, but TV’s hardly dead yet
  • -Flurry does analytics on mobile apps
    – US citizens spend more than 10 minutes more a day on mobile devices than watching TV
    – 2 hours 48 minutes on TV: 2 hours 57 minutes using mobile
    – Combines Flurry analytics with ComScore and US Bureau of Labor Statistics on TV usage.
    – Nielsen numbers report a much larger number for time spent on TV: 4 hours 36 mins. a day
    – Survey in UK in April by Ofcom what device you would miss most. Older respondents chose TV. 16-34 chose smartphone.

Signal Intelligence

  • Nielsen will finally start tracking Netflix and Amazon video
  • Nielsen to Measure Netflix Viewing
  • – WSJ says Nielsen will begin tracking non-mobile viewers of subscription online video services like Amazon and Netflix
    – Scans audio of the programs to identify shows.
    – Important for content producers when striking deals with the services.
    – TV viewership down 7% yoy in October 18-49
    – 40% of households subscribe to streaming video service.
    – Subscribers watch around 20% less TV

Gear Up

Front Lines

Under Surveillance

2014 Winter Movie Draft

  1. Scott: $256,679,469
  2. Tom: $121,897,634
  3. Brian: $57,729,445
  4. Justin: $29,983,069
  5. John: $10,950,001
  6. Brett: $0

Dispatches from the Front
When you covered the new CBSNews online initiative, I immediately installed the Roku app.
Content is very traditional TV, but the presentation is pretty painless.
Gives me a quick way to make sure I didn’t miss any stories the masses are talking about.

There are a couple of small flaws:
Ads are often much louder than the content
Ad repeat often (Not too surprising since it’s new ad inventory for them to sell.)


I’m a big supporter of ad-supported free media. It drives me crazy when publishers do it so wrong.

I fear they will count this experiment in online as a failure – not realizing it’s the experience, not the format that failed.


Hey Tom and Brian, Love the Show(tm). Just wanted to let your audience know that the MPAA’s new website doesn’t discriminate between online and offline content. I got super-excited when I searched for “CHiPs” (don’t judge me) and saw it was available on Netflix. Well, my joy was quickly dashed when I went to Netflix and saw that it was available only on DVD. So while the MPAA is taking a step in the right direction, so far this site isn’t a replacement for

Keep up the great work,
Your Boss



According to there are no legit places to watch House of Cards Season 2. No legit places to watch Game of Thrones Season 5.

I know this is still officially in “beta” but I’m not going to take the effort to come back and check every month until they get this right. This brand is ruined for me.


While the same actor who plays Spike in Buffy also plays Braniac in Smallville, that actor is James Marsters, not James Marsden. Love the show, but without careful attention to those last names starting with M, I could be confused with Tom.



In regards to Spoilering Time for Interstellar, Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey are roughly the same age. As they are using the black hole for a gravity assisted slingshot, Hathaway exclaims “you look pretty good for 120 years old” (or something along those lines). I think we are to believe that the time dilation through the black hole is negligible which leaves Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey the same age. Love the show!


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