Cordkillers 51 – I’m Not a Reality Show Kinda Guy

The Interview hits online, Netflix says goodbye and hello and 4K apps on Vizio.

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CordKillers: Ep. 51 – I’m Not a Reality Show Kinda Guy
Recorded: December 29, 2014
Guest: None

Intro Video 

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

Gear Up

Front Lines

Under Surveillance

2014 Winter Movie Draft

  1. Scott: $378,364,906
  2. Tom: $325,740,292
  3. Brian: $317,556,820
  4. Brett: $223,479,164
  5. John: $133,316,656
  6. Justin: $74,147,621

Dispatches from the Front


I already told you… eBay your jail broken first gen AppleTV. You will get enough money to buy at least two current gen AppleTVs in return. Look on eBay and see for yourself. Get it done, and stop bashing the AppleTV!




Hey Brian and Tom,

I just thought you would find this confirmation of the ending of the legend of korra series.
One of your bosses




Im now saving 136.00 a month I cut the cable tv and phone and just kept internet went from 187.00 down to 51.00. I spent around 200.00 to install a DB8E antenna on the roof with a four way distribution amp. I live about 40 miles from new orleans and mississippi gulf coast so i have one antenna bay pointed to new orleans and the other to the gulf coast and I get all the channels from both markets a total of 41 channels. I have a roku stick on each of the four tv’s and with the antenna and roku’s with amazon, hulu, and netflix im set.




Hi Brian and Tom,

I have been watching you all for a couple of years now and really like the show. I wanted to let you know about this device I came across the other day, it’s called Brilliant TV. It’s from a small start up company near West Palm Beach, FL where I live. From what I can tell, this device seems to be close to what the old Boxee Box use to offer. It’s a small set top box that runs a version of Android and it’s an aggregate of all on-line content that is available for free. To include TV Shows, Movies, sporting events and foreign television as well.

Again, they are a small company and the device is a little expensive.($500 is what they told me but is says $599 on their web site.) However, these guys seem to have done a pretty good job on the delivery of the product from what I saw in the demonstration.

Take a look at this device and see what you think. You can find it at this URL:

I look forward to hear what you all have to say about this device.

Keep up the great work Brain and Tom.




[SPOILER TALK] for The Walking Dead

On the last spoilerin’ time I listened to you mentioned that you stopped reading The Walking Dead comics before the Eugene reveal and I realized that you did the exact same thing as me. I read the comic up to the point where Abraham’s crew appeared and stopped, and I watched the show until the disappointment that was the governor and stopped. My roommates continued to watch the show in the living room where I catch glimpses and can tell what part of the story they are in (me being the only one to have read the comics in the house) and they got to the point where Abraham appeared and I thought “Oh no… I don’t want the crappy show version to ruin the comic for me” (though now that I have seen parts of season 4 and 5 I see that they are taking even more liberties with the source material and is at best loosely based on the comics) so I took the plunge and read (renting from the library) the nearly 100 issues I needed to to catch up, it was the best decision I have made in a long time. The most recently completed story arc literally shook the core of my humanity (maybe not so much, but it was really good), so I suggest that you continue the comics.

TL;DR Continue the walking dead comics!



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