Cordkillers 50 – State-sponsored Satire

What should Sony do with The Interview? Will anyone watch Vessel? Do you want a wristband to pause your TV?


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CordKillers: Ep. 50 – State-sponsored Satire
Recorded: December 22, 2014
Guest: Justin Robert Young

Intro Video 

Primary Target

  • You Will Get to See “The Interview,” Sony Lawyer Says
  • -Sony lawyer David Boies told Meet the Press Sunday:
    -“Sony has been fighting to get this picture distributed. It will be distributed.”
    – “What Sony is trying to do is to get the picture out to the public but at the same time to be sure the rights of its    employees and the rights of the movie going public are going to be protected.”

Signal Intelligence

  • Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Pulls Back the Curtain on Vessel, His YouTube Rival
  • – Jason Kilar posted 12/17 Vessel last week trying to encourage creators to apply.
    – Creators give Vessel a 3-day exclusive
    – Creators paid out of a pool of 60% of subscription revenue PLUS 70% of ad revenue (YT shares out 55% of ad revenue)
    – Has Shane Dawson and Ingrid Nilsen and Alec Baldwin
    – Has Time Inc. and Warner Music Group deals
    – Subscribers pay Vessel $3 a month plus watch ads
    – Free tier has ads too but not the early access
    – Vessel still won’t go live until next year.

Gear Up

Front Lines

Under Surveillance

2014 Winter Movie Draft

  1. Scott: $362,056,280
  2. Tom: $299,168,428
  3. Brian: $201,148,554
  4. Brett: $129,002,243
  5. John: $57,795,715
  6. Justin: $55,114,516

Dispatches from the Front

I think HBO will offer a two tier pricing structure. A 24.99 per month plan and a 19.99 per month plan with a 12 month contract. They will do this to discourage people from signing up just to watch a season of a particular show. I would guess there is more overhead if a lot of people subscribe to watch Game of Thrones and then cancel. Then they resubscribe to watch True Detective and again cancel when that season is over. This type of behavior will happen a lot more with a streaming service as I am sure it will be easier to cancel than trying to cancel from a cable company.





OK, so as your boss, I thought it would be a good idea for us to have this little chat. You see, as I look at my Patreon, I’ve been your supervisor now for 368 days… you know what that means? It means several things:

1.) I’m not a crappy boss, because you’re still here

2.) I need to give you more work, (see #1)

3.) It’s time for our annual employee performance review – please see attached, sign, and have back on my desk by close of business today.

Also based on you’re scores (if budget allows for it in 2015) there will be a Merritt increase for cost of living allocation, congratulations.

Thank you for your service to the organization, and let’s make 2015 a very successful year.

Your Boss

BigJim <>




Hi guys,
My wife and i just finished watching all episodes of Marco Polo ,we really enjoyed it, well, much more than you guys did. We were really looking forward to your spoilers on Marco Polo, , we agree with your initial critique of the 1 st ep , story really gets better after 3rd ep.

After watching it, what a disappointment the MP segment of spoilers was. you actually dd not even spoil anything. You guys became Shwood & Meritt @themovies, and proceeded to thrash the heck out of MP. Calling it a netflix flop ( maybe to those who didnt watch the entire show) , no story, etc. what bothered me, was you actually formed your opinions, not on 1 ep , but what you assumed the whole movie would be after only watching 45 min of a 500 min movie, wow, i could understand if you watched 5 or 6 eps and give up on it, .
I Just feel you were very harsh on MP, especially, since you spent so little time viewing it.

In past eps, you guys would want to stop watching certain show, but was told by the other, “just stick with it” it get better. imo, MP does get much better., Not games of thrones better, but what show right now does.?

you still might come to same conclusions of MP even if you had watched all episodes , now, that’s fair, but bashing a entire show based only 1 episode, i think thats a disservice to your viewer. But then again, i might be way off .

Some shows/ documentaries we loved an you might want to checkout, or not. Damages, The Killing, Happy Valley, Luther, Ripper Street, Peaky Blinder, Black Fish, Altman, Cray Love, Hot Coffee, Talhotblond, and one the best reality docs ‘Dear Zachary’.

thanks for your time.

John G

Oh yeah, love the show




 AHEM! -> “Black Mirror: White Christmas
This feature-length special of Charlie Brooker’s dark drama series stars Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and consists of three interwoven stories. In a mysterious and remote snowy outpost, Matt and Potter share a Christmas meal, swapping creepy tales of their earlier lives in the outside world. Matt is a charismatic American trying to bring the reserved, secretive Potter out of his shell. But are both men who they appear to be? With Rafe Spall and Oona Chaplin
Channel 4 9:00pm Tue 16 Dec”

I guess you’ll have to wait to watch it since you don’t believe in VPN’s 😉





Hey guys,
Last summer I wrote in to share my experience of reading the Game of Thrones books after having seen the show. After finishing the last book (and getting depressed when searching for info on the book 6 release) I decided to rewatch the series.
My wife had never expressed any interest in the show and had repeatedly told me that it wasn’t the type of genre she likes. I convinced her to at least watch the first episode with me and told her that she could go back to her other shows afterward. When the credits rolled on that first episode she grabbed the remote and immediately started episode 2. Now she makes me call her Khaleesi.
I thoroughly enjoyed the rewatch. The scenes have so much more meaning to me and I knew who everyone was and where everyone came from. Sharing it with my wife I immediately became that guy, the one who would pause the show every 10 minutes to fill her in on who people were and their back story. I also took great pleasure in seeing her reaction to the big series moments.
Now we both anxiously await the next season and it’ll definitely be a show that’s been added to the “don’t commit TV adultery” list.

Scott from Houston


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