Cordkillers 191 – Netflix Original Spaghetti (w/ Sarah Lane)

Movies Anywhere makes movies easier, Netflix beats expectations, and Sarah Lane needs movie recommendations. With special guest Sarah Lane.

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CordKillers: Ep. 191 – Netflix Original Spaghetti
Recorded: October 16 2017
Guest: Sarah Lane

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Hi Tom and Brian,

Long time listener and fan. The past two years I have been using cable for just local channels and Playstation Vue. I am about to close on my first house so because of the impending move I started to re evaluate how I cord cut.

First off I looked my antenna options because of the surrounding mountains. As of right now basic cable will be used but in a few weeks I will mount a large antenna off of the chimney of the house, hopefully it will work and I can cut basic out of my plan including a high $12 per month DTA cost.
Next I am looking to beef up my plex account, maybe to a lifetime plex pass. The service has been growing a lot in the last year and I have been impressed with the new additions. For services I am trying YouTube TV for CW live content. I am not sure if I will keep it due to the lack of DIY and HGTV and I do not want both YouTube TV and PS Vue.

I have been happy for the most part with PS Vue, but it has been several months since Sony and Viacom had their dispute. When I signed up I had all those channels and I felt like I was getting an amazing deal, now I feel like its an okay deal. I would pay another $5 with PS Vue if they added CW live, brought back Viacom channels, and added the History channel.
For the most part I have been very happy with my cord cutting experience.

Keep Up the Good Work





Hey Tom & Brian!
As you know, Hulu recently dropped their price for new subscribers to only $5.99 per month for the first year. I had just signed up for Hulu about a few weeks ago to binge watch the Handmaid’s Tale, so I was pretty bummed to see them lower the price after I joined.

I decided to contact Hulu and see if I could get the new pricing even though I am now a current Hulu subscriber. I was pleased to find out that they would give me the lower rate, no questions asked!! This might not work for everyone, but you might want to pass this along to other Cordkillers as a new version of Brian’s Chicken challenge.

Love the show!





We’ve been internet only with phone (pacemaker monitoring & 911 health reasons) on TWC’s fastest speed since Cordkillers premiered, and have been eagerly awaiting G-Fiber’s arrival. Every truck sighting elicits excitement. Our home is 12 miles from town center nestled in a valley, which, though within city limits, would necessitate an expensive roof-mounted antenna to get broadcast TV.

Since we have been streaming (Google WiFi mesh) using Chromecasts and Rokus all this time, a speed quadrupling at two-thirds or less the cost is eagerly anticipated. If G-Fiber is not offering phone services [?] there are other ISP services we can use.

Cheers, as Always!



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