Cordkillers 190 – The Sidekick: Bevin (w/ MikeTV)

Netflix is more expensive, the Stephen King visual universe expands, and less TV on Google Fiber. With special guest MikeTV.

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CordKillers: Ep. 190 – The Sidekick: Bevin
Recorded: October  9 2017
Guest: MikeTv

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Primary Target

  • Netflix Raises Its Subscription Prices
    – Netflix raised prices of two of its three plans by $1 a month. The basic single screen plan stays at $7.99. The two screen “standard” plan goes from $9.999 to $10.99 and the 4-screen 4K “Premium” plan goes from $11.99 to $13.99. New customers get the new prices now. Existing customers will be informed by Netflix soon and see it on their bill in November.

How to Watch

  • Google Fiber Drops Cable TV Package For New Cities
    – Google Fiber announced that for its upcoming launch in Louisville and San Antonio markets, it will only offer internet service, with no TV package. Last year, Google announced that Fiber would halt future deployments, making these two markets the last confirmed committments to roll out the service.

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Front Lines

Dispatches from the Front

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that as an old guy, I enjoyed Blade Runner 2049, but apparently it is a failure because only old guys like it. But on a related note, why do the studios fail to promote the sequels that seem to be so endemic these days by pushing the previous films in a series on the streaming platforms. Blade Runner is a great example since, though I find it hard to imagine, so many have never seen the first film. Another example was the Kingsmen sequel; I saw the previews for the Golden Circle several months ago, and had never heard of the original. I had to use my Netflix DVD subscription to get a chance to see it.

Without a TV or cable, I can’t see whether I would want to spend money on seeing either show, but without seeing them, I won’t spend the money to buy them on Amazon. Shouldn’t there be a better way? Or should I just wait till they show up on Prime or Netflix?

Keep up the good work





Hey Bri,

I signed up for Movie pass when they dropped the price to 10 dollars a month and loved it initially. I could use their “E-Ticket” feature at my local theater. Meaning I could pick my seat and buy the ticket from my house without ever using the MasterCard they shipped to me. It was great and I’ve seen more movies in the past 3 weeks then I did in the last 3 months.

Till… something change… They apparently lost the deal with Goodrich Theaters that allowed E-Tickets and now every theater in my area requires me to buy the ticket within 100 yards of the theater. The love is now gone… I like picking my seat and planning ahead of time and I’m willing to go to the theater less and get the best experience (picking my seat… etc) for the big movies than get some second class access to the smaller films while their in theaters.

So I cancelled my membership – which you can do directly from the app so no complaints there. But its just not worth it, even at 10 bucks a month. I mght start it back up again if they get the E-ticket feature back but until then… I’m out.

Thought you and Tom would like the input – thanks for the show(s)!





hey, I have no idea whether anyone else has been similarly affected, a google search turned up nothing, but while looking over my credit card bill I noticed that I had been charged 3 times in September for Filmstruck. Twice on the usual billing day, and then once again on the following day. I used the chat option from the Filmstruck help page and they immediately resolved the issue and refunded two of the charges. I don’t always go over my monthly transactions and very easily could have missed this, so I was thinking there’s probably a lot of other subscribers who (if this isn’t just something that just happened to me) might never know they’ d been overcharged.

Thanks! Love the show 🙂



CBS All Access and Big Brother

One aspect of CBS All Access I think is missed often in discussions is the inclusion of Big Brother Live feeds. For years CBS has been selling access to the feeds and have a faithful audience for them. One Year ago they ran a Special Season of Big Brother over the top which was only available on CBS All Access. So for those customers everything else is Value add.

Still debating on if its worth it to watch the New Star Trek.

– Scott



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