Cordkillers 181 – Everything Is Great!

Pay TV experiences a half-million subscriber drop, Roku: top of the set-top box, and why you want to watch Ozark. With special guest Chris Cox.

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CordKillers: Ep. 181 – Everything Is Great!
Recorded: July 31 2017
Guest: Chris Cox

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Could The Dark Tower, at 95 minutes, be a good movie? Sure. It just won’t be The Dark Tower.

So don’t call it The Dark Tower.

Just toss me a colon for god’s sake. The Dark Tower: Face of My Father. Or call it The Dark Tower and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Whatever. Anything that admits you’re not trying to do the whole series.

Though I’m not sure what portion of the story they can tell well in 95 minutes–that’s barely longer than each Game of Thrones episode is supposed to be next season.

Of course, Game of Thrones is an epic adventure that you could hardly expect to be told in shorter form, whereas The Dark Tower is–oh, wait…

Anyhow, sub-$20 million opening weekend.

But I’m not promising ten bucks of it won’t be mine.



On Cordkillers episode 180, Brian mentioned that Wonder Woman had overtaken Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the box office. Consider that the current top two movies of the year are Wonder Woman and live action Beauty and the Beast, with The Last Jedi likely to join them. If that comes to pass then the top three movies of 2017 will feature female leads. I enjoy watching the Hollywood suits get reality checked. Kudos to the fans for serving that check: women can star in and open blockbusters.

– Roy


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