Cordkillers 179 – My First Streaming Device

Will password-sharing kill streaming? Emmy’s make Brian fear Netflix. All the hot new trailer talk. With special guest Hammond Chamberlain.

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CordKillers: Ep. 179 – My First Streaming Device
Recorded: July 17 2017
Guest:  Hammond Chamberin

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Primary Target

  • Streaming TV apps grapple with password sharing
  • Millennials have a Netflix account. Gen Z is playing video games.
    – A Reuters/Ipsos poll found 21% of 18-24 adults stream shows on borrowed passwords from people who do not live with them. (12% for 18+)
    – Wall Street thinking is that if Netflix revenue slows (say from 30% to 10% growth) then Netflix needs to crack down
    – An analysis by Parks Associates estimated streaming providers will lose $550 million in 2019 from password sharing.
    – Bernadette Aulestia, executive vice president of global distribution for HBO “”For us it’s more important that at that age where they are not financially independent quite yet, they are habituating to using the product to ultimately aspiring to becoming paid customers.”
    – Netflix Chief Financial Officer David Wells said at a Goldman Sachs conference last September: “We could crack down on it, but you wouldn’t suddenly turn all those folks to paid users.”

How to Watch

  • Netflix leads the streaming pack with 18 Emmy nominations
    – Netflix received 18 Emmy award nominations in main categories for its shows and actors including Master of None, Stranger Things, House of Cards and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Amazon got three nominations all for Transparent and Hulu got three for The Handmaid’s Tale.
    – These counts represent nominations for the key categories that will be awarded on the 17th. There are many other categories, however, and with those included Netflix managed 91 nominations, Hulu notched 18 and Amazon 16. The leading network was HBO with 110, and its show Westworld tied with Saturday Night Live for the most nominations at 22.

What to Watch

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Front Lines

Dispatches from the Front

We signed for up DirecTV Now to get the free AppleTV and were going to cancel after the 3 months. Then they added HBO for free (for 1 year) which gave my wife and I pause and we kept it. I frequently hear you all lament DirecTV Now for service issues but we use it daily these days and rarely have any issues on phone, computer or AppleTV. Just thought you’d like to know that they aren’t having the issues they were at the beginning. Not to defend AT&T but they have done pretty well getting this service stable and working.

– David




It could have been much worse than Babylon 5….if long series are problematic

Doctor Who… ALL of it. From Hartnell thru Capaldi, you’d be on that train for a decade
ST:TNG, DS9 or Voyager, 7 seasons each…

You want more campy?

Quark – space garbage man from the 70’s , only advantage is that it didn’t last long
Buck Rogers -Gil Gerard in spandex
Salvage One – Andy Griffith – in SPACE!

My suggestion for next time ?
Blakes 7 or Space 1999 either is late 70’s british sci fi at it’s “best

thanks, enjoy the show!

– Dave




Hi Tom et al,

I’ve read your Brief Guide to Cordcutting but don’t see what I’m looking for. Can you help?

My mother wants to jettison her cable/phone/internet service ($200/mo) and keep a landline and the internet. The only TV she wants to keep are local news channels, including the local PBS stations.

She doesn’t have an external antenna or a digital converter box – but would you suggest getting these as the best solution?

Thank you!





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