Cordkillers 176 – It’s Cancelled If You’re Nasty

Is the Han Solo movie in trouble or has it actually been saved? Netflix’s answer to Brian and YouTube comes with the stars for original series. With special guest Shannon Morse.

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CordKillers: Ep. 176 – It’s Cancelled If You’re Nasty
Recorded: June 26 2017
Guest: Shannon Morse

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Primary Target

  • Ron Howard Steps in to Direct Han Solo Movie
    – Wednesday Phil Lord and Chistopher Miller announced they were leaving their Directorial gig on the new Star Wars Han Solo movie saying “Unfortunately, our vision and process weren’t aligned with our partners on this project. We normally aren’t fans of the phrase ‘creative differences’ but for once this cliché is true.” Kathleen Kennedy said, “it’s become clear that we had different creative visions on this film, and we’ve decided to part ways.” Thursday morning Lucasfilm announced Ron Howard has been brought on board and will resume shooting July 10th. Howard said “I hope to honor the great work already done & help deliver on the promise of a Han Solo film.”

How to Watch

  • Netflix debuts choose-your-own-adventure stories for kids
    – Netflix announced the debut of interactive stories that let viewers decided what happens next. The first releases are meant for younger viewers. “Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale,” launched globally Tuesday. It pauses 13 times, has two different endings, and lasts between 18 and 39 minutes. “Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile,” arrives July 14th. “Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout,” is set for sometime next year. Keep in mind, the Netflix website, Android Devices, Chromecast and Apple TV do not support interactive content at this time.

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Dispatches from the Front

I have been a cord cutter for the last several years. Life has gotten much easier since solutions such as PlayStation Vue and Sling TV have been released. I have been settled on PlayStation Vue and I’m using Amazon Fire TVs to watch on my TV. Since the announcement that Amazon will have an app on the Apple TV, I am also a Prime subscriber, I have been contemplating getting an Apple TV. My main interest is in the TV app that keeps track of the shows I am watching and serves the next episode up. I was wondering if this works as advertised and is makes the new Apple TV worth purchasing. The reason I ask is that I am a little Device heavy at the moment; 1 Fire TV, 2 Fire TV sticks, 2 older Apple TVs, and Chromecast, I want to make sure the next device I buy is worth it. I appreciate your input and opinion.

– Joe




Hi Guys,
I’ve been thinking about what Netflix might miss out on.
The horse they didn’t bet on. I’m going to go with plug-ins. Whether it’s HBO, Showtime, or CBS/CW, we aren’t getting everything from one source other than cable. Youtube is close now with their offering of live TV and Amazon is close as well, with their “channel” options.

So I’m calling it now. The next couple years will be the battle of the UI. Which service you use will depend on not only original content, but the UI itself and the extras it provides.

Multiple Profiles are becoming common place.
Can they include RSS feeds of shows you like, but not offered within the channel?
What type of PlayLists can they provide:
– manually set up of shows you love
– a shuffle mode of similar type shows (for the lay back experience),
– new this week playlists so you aren’t behind on your current shows but watching them on your schedule.

Now the new thing is networks and more importantly local networks. Netflix hasn’t jumped into any of that. Do they consider HBO competition or should it be a value addon. HBO and Amazon, as well as Hulu and Showtime, seem to be working side by side. This gives Prime, as an example, an advantage. Viewers can watch Game of Thrones in the same UI as Transparent, next to Preacher (Starz), next to Shameless (Showtime), while Netflix only has their originals. So, in my opinion, Netflix should jump on this ban wagon quickly.

Final thought, I’ve been waiting a long time for 3-month or 6-month subscription cards. We as cord cutters are cash conscious. We may want something like See-so or Britbox but they feel a bit expensive. Yet, I would have no problem putting it on a Xmas or birthday wish list. Hulu spoiled me with their cards as I would give them to my daughter for a year of service every year for Xmas, but now I need more options for my viewing needs.

Thanks as always for the Show and the time you put into them.





I recently dropped Comcast cable in favor of DirecTV Now/Netflix/Hulu/Prime on Apple TV. The strange reason was the data usage policy that Comcast has and the viewing differences of generations. We have 5 teens and they don’t watch cable at all; it’s all about streaming for them and we were close to the cap every month and needed to babysit it. We finally decided to go digital. While the monthly cost is about the same I love the consumption model much better now that we are adjusted. I can easily see a future without DirecTV Now as well.



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