Cordkillers 175 – Netflix Killers (w/ Kristi Kates)

What Netflix needs to do to survive, why Apple hired Sony’s TV presidents, and whether Netflix should warn you about download limits. Brian says no! With special guest Kristi Kates.

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CordKillers: Ep. 175 – Netflix Killers
Recorded:  June 19 2017
Guest:  Kristi Kates

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  • 80% Cut the Cord Because Cable TV is Simply Too Expensive
    – A report from TiVo shows nearly half of pay TV subscribers are at least considering cutting the cord and that 80% of cord cutters made the change because pay TV was too expensive. After price the main reasons for cord-cutting were given as the availability of streaming services and the use of over the air antennas. Of those unsatisfied with their current Pay TV service 81.4% said it was the high price, 32.9% said it was poor customer service and 29.9% said it was the quality of the TV service.
  • Netflix has more American subscribers than cable TV
    – Leichtman research estimates that as of the first three months of 2017, Netflix has 50.85 million US subscribers and all cable TV outlets combined have 48.61 million. That doesn’t include satellite TV service like Dish and DirecTV but still, Netflix can say they’re bigger than cable. As for Internet-only services Leichtman estimates Sling TV has 1.36 million subscribers and DirecTV Now has 375,000. YouTube TV and Hulu TV hadn’t launched yet in the time period covered.

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Tom and Brian,

First time commenter long time listener!

I wanted to weigh in on the discussion around why Netflix content has such an memorable impact to the market. I believe Netflix’s secret sauce is its ease of access to its service.

If you recall, right out of the gate, Netflix’s streaming service was available on multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s as well as DVD/Bluray players and gaming platforms (Xbox 360/One, PlayStation 3/4, Nintendo Wii/Wii U, xDS). Users both technically savvy and not could access Netflix’s content and have a very similar experience within their comfort zone. In my opinion, this helped Netflix leapfrog the competition and solidify itself in the space. Even now, Netflix continues to target ease of access by integrating Netflix into cord-keeping offerings like Comcast’s voice enabled x1 platform.

Love the show!






Hi guys! Debbie from hot and sticky San Antonio here (oh wait, that’s a different show). I’m listening to you guys talk about Katy Perry’s livestreaming (show 174) and I feel the need to point out that Katy Perry’s livestream was the same basic format as that of CBS’s Big Brother. Fly On The Wall Productions, which is involved with Big Brother, produced Katy Perry’s five-day livestream. The Big Brother live feeds are on CBS All Access, and a new cast debuts later this month.

– Debbie





I wanted to update you guys on what They recently released a new service to filter video content over the top of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. Thanks for your podcast, I enjoy the up to date news on all things media-ish.

– Michael





FYI: In order to watch Scam School on the Science Channel when it airs, I found that I can sign up for a free 5 day trial of Playstation Vue. Unfortunately, this means I cannot confirm this will work until after Cordkillers airs. Why only 5 days?





Hello Cordkillers,

Nicole Lee’s complaint about not being able to change the stop time on recordings is one of my biggest pet peeves with PlayStation Vue. When you start a “recorded” show it will ask you if you want to see the DVR version or the On Demand version. The DVR version lets you fast forward commercials. However, way too often the recorded version cuts off before the last few minutes of the show. This happens more often with certain shows (Doctor Who and Better Call Saul are two I can recall). Of course you can’t fast forward the on-demand version so you can’t jump to the end to see what you missed. As far as I can tell there is no setting to record X minutes longer. So frustrating.






Tom and Brian,

Was curious if you’d ever done any review on the Select TV service or discussed their future SelectTV One set top box.
Their service looks like Just Watch on steroids for $2.99 a month.

Could their SelectTV One box be the ala carte solution Brian has longed for once ATSC 3.0 gets rolling?
Look forward to your next show…



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