Cordkillers 166 – Fire is Hot! (w/ C. Robert Cargill)

Netflix misses targets for subscribers and kills it with Sandler fans. Roku TVs ask nicely to spy on you for your own good. With special guest C. Robert Cargill.

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CordKillers: Ep. 166 – Fire is Hot!
Recorded: April 17 2017
Guest: C. Robert Cargill

Intro Video

Primary Target

  • Roku TVs now know what you’re watching, will suggest related shows
    – Roku rolled out updates to its Television software (May 2011 models and newer). Viewing suggestions calle d”more Ways to Watch” can pop up on the screen based on what you’re currently viewing. Handy if you want to start from the beginning of a show or find a version without commercials. It can also suggest related shows. If you opt-in to the service Roku uses Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) to recognize what’s coming in over the air or from cable.
    – Other updates
    – Favorite list for over the air channels
    – Thumbnail images for live TV ff and rewind
    – Closed caption support on “replay” feature
    – faster resume from standby
    – Custom input names
    – Both TV and Set-top box
    – Expanded search to 300 streaming channels

How to Watch

  • Netflix misses its growth targets but expects to hit 102M subscribers next quarter
    – Netflix added 1.42 million domestic subscribers and 3.53 million international subscribers missing its own and Wall Street’s expectations of 1.5 million and 3.7 million. It beat expectations of 37 cents a share with 40 cents a share and met expectations of $2.64 billion in revenue. Netflix expects 600,000 domestic subscribers and 2.6 million international subscribers in the second quarter. In its letter to shareholders Netflix argues its members fund its films so they should be the first to see them but that its “open to supporting “ theater chains like AMC and Regal in showing Netflix films like Will Smith’s Bright. Also its members have cumulatively spent 500 million hours watching Adam Sandler movies.
  • Netflix is willing to put its films in theaters — but not before online release
  • Hulu’s Live TV service to cost $39.99 per month with ads, sources say
    – Sources say Hulu’s streaming TV service will be $39.99 a month (CEO Mike Hopkins previously said it would be “under $40”)
    – Would included live TV broadcasts, on demand library and Hulu library
    – Supposedly Cloud DVR would not support fast forward.
    – Premium tier might have DVR WITh fast forward and no limit on simultaneous streams for an extra $20 a month or less
    – Presumably you could also pay extra to get Hulu library commercial-free
    – Planned for a Spring launch
    -Hulu on demand $8
    – Hulu on demand commercial free $12
    – Hulu Live and on demand $40
    – Hulu live and on demand commerical free $44?
    – Hulu live, on demand, unlimited DVR $60
    – Hulu, live, on demand, unlimited DVR, commerical free $64?

What to Watch

What We’re Watching

Front Lines

  • NBC Reaches Deal With TV Affiliates for Opting in to Internet Video Distribution Agreements
    – NBC announced an agreement with its affiliate station board that would allow affiliates who are not owned by NBC to opt-in to any Internet TV agreements that NBC negotiates on behalf of its owned and operated stations. This would make it easier for local stations to get on to Internet TV services like PS Vue and Sling without having to negotiate their own deals. NBC owns 11 stations and has more than 200 affiliates.
  • Sling TV’s $5 Cloud DVR arrives on Android and Roku
    – Sling TV’s Cloud DVR feature is available for users on Android and Roku to buy for $5 a month. Subscribers get 50 hours of video storage for channels that allow it.
  • CBS’s streaming service CBS All Access gains movies
    – Cord Cutter News spotted that CBS had begun to add movies to the CBS All Access app. CBS says it has about 18 movies right now, including some of the original Star Trek films, Up in The Air, and Funny Face, all licensed from Paramount. CBS plans to keep adding movies to the service.
  • Boomerang now offers unlimited classic cartoons for $5 a month
    – Boomerang’s streaming service is now available for $5 a month offering more than 5,000 cartoons. The selection includes Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and more. You can pay for a year at a time at $40 which ends up being $3.33 a month. Boomerang is available to US customers on desktop, Android, and iOS — support for streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast are upcoming.

Dispatches from the Front

 In episode 165 of spoiler time Brian had a hard time accepting that the OJ documentary should be considered a miniseries and not a movie. His defense was if it was a TV series it should be broken up into half hour or 1 hour shows. But then Brian turns around and fully accept that BBC’s Sherlock is totally a TV show Even though they are long format. I don’t understand this inconsistency. Awesome show I’ve listened to you guys ever since you guys were on twit keep up the awesome work I only listen to you guys and not twit anymore

– Tom




Just finished listening to episode 165 where you were talking about the thumbs-up thumbs-down star rating system. I’m an Uber driver and every time I finish a ride Uber forces me to rate the customer. what do you think about a version similar to this for streaming services?

– Tim



 Is it possible to listen to either of your shows on either Google Home or Amazon Echo. If it is possible please tell me how. This is my main way of listening to podcasts now but the selection of podcasts on each service is very limited.


– Mark




Hey Guys,

Reuben here from meteorologically schizophrenic North Carolina.

I have just had an interesting call with Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable. At the moment, I have 50Mbps internet from Earthlink, which is owned by Time Warner, now Spectrum. I was shopping at a a local mall and saw a booth advertising an offer for Spectrum 100Mbps internet for $44.95/month. I called to see if I could get the offer and was told that was a promotional price for new users and the regular rate was around $65/month (cue eye roll). As I was speaking to the sales rep, she was giving me the standard line about their triple play package which has 100Mbps internet, home phone, and cable TV for 29.99/mo each. When I told her I only wanted internet, she told me that within 30 days of signing up, I could call and “make changes” to the account if I wanted and the promotional rate would still apply! I asked if that really meant that I could call and cancel the cable tv and phone and keep the promotional rate of $29.99/mo for the 100Mbps internet for 12 months to which she replied, “Yes”. Fingers crossed that they follow through as I will be cancelling ASAP after I pick up my self-install kit at the local Spectrum store.

I am positively gobsmacked. I hope this helps anyone out there who’s looking for cheaper internet with Spectrum!


– Reuben



I recently purchased the new 2017 LG 55″ C7 OLED via B&H Photo Video. So happy they honored the Pre Order price as I got it for $2500 instead of the $3500 it is currently going for. As to 4K content Im having to use Netflix on the TV vs my Apple TV. Hope Apple releases a 4K AppleTV soon.

Question: With the latest season of Better Call Saul out where can I get it in 4K? Netflix has old seasons. I’ll pay, I bought the last two on ITunes. I cannot find 4K digital version. Amazon offers some 4K streaming, but BCS s3 only is in HD? AMC’s site doesn’t say if the stram is 4K.

Thanks for any response, and thanks Tom for answering my question on a past Sword & Laser podcast.

– Adam



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