Cordkillers 114 – Shill for Big Indie

Why Netflix should have made us mad, why Redbox should try again, and why Vizio won Brian’s heart.

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CordKillers: Ep. 114 – Shill for Big Indie
Recorded: March 28 2016
Guest: Lamarr Wilson

Intro Video

Primary Target

  • Netflix is going to help you stop rinsing your mobile data
    – Netflix admitted Thursday it reduces the default bitrate of its streams to viewers using AT&T or Verizon in the US to 600kbps. Netflix normally streams at 3-5 Mbps. In May Netflix intends to release a ‘data saver’ application that will let customers choose what video quality they receive on mobile. T-Mobile limits streaming of its partners like Netflix to 1.5 Mbps. Sprint restricted all streaming video to 600kps until last year. 

Signal Intelligence

Gear Up

Front Lines

  • This Chrome extension solves one of Netflix’s most annoying features
    – Two Chrome browser extensions to help you with your Netflix viewing. One called Flix Assist clicks the “Continue Watching button for you and removes the 30-second countdown to the next episode. The other called Netflix Party lets you sync up your Netflix watching with someone else on the Internet and adds group chat. 
  • Vimeo for Roku now lets you buy on-demand content straight from your TV
    – Vimeo’s Roku app can now handle transactions meaning you can pay for Vimeo’s on-demand shows without having to use another device. Vimeo also added adaptive streaming support.
  • Nielsen starts breaking down TV streams by device next month
    – Starting April 25, Nielsen will break down viewing by device. Devices tracked will be Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox will be tracked.
    Also, “Total Use of Television” will track smart TV use along with over-the-air or cable viewing metrics.
  • TCL’s 4K Roku TVs are available today from $599.99
    – TCL started selling their 4K TVs with Roku built in on Amazon last week. The 55-inch TV is $600 and the 65-inch one os $1,000. Four more sets were announced but no release date was given. Those will come with a headphone jack in the remote. That series starts with a 43-inch set for $499.99, a 50-inch model for $599.99, a 55-inch set for $699.99, and a 65-inch one for $1,099.99.
  • Hulu now has an app for Samsung Gear VR
    – Hulu launched an app designed for the Samung Gear VR headset available in the Gear VR Oculus Store. It includes normal content as well as 25 exclusive original VR shows and films. Those are available even if you’re not subscribed to Hulu. Hulu says its the first of several VR apps for different platforms.

Under Surveillance

Dispatches from the Front


Great podcast guys… yours is the first one I’ve supported, count me amongst the hopefully now 2000 Patreons.

Just a note on Playstation Vue. Someone on the show a few weeks back mentioned you can’t move your PS4 from location to location. Just as a warning, according to their FAQ this applies to ANY TV-connected device. I’m sitting in a hotel with my Fire TV Stick and just looked this up.

Other than that, this really has been a great experience. I’m in Miami, so after AT&T kicked us off their network and credited our ETF (they chose not to send tech #5 to try to get service working well), we signed up. In Miami, I have CBS, FOX, NBC live, but just on demand for ABC. I have both local Fox Sports channels, and unlike Sling, five streams at a time not one. For 75mbps cable modem service at $49.99 and $55 for Vue, I’m saving a FORTUNE. And unlike U-Verse 45mbps service that was often 3 mbps, Comcast has been delivering 90mbps at 75mbps pricing.

This is the future. I never wanted to cut the cord because I had bundles. I wanted to cut the cord because I hate cable boxes. A couple of Fire TVs I wanted anyway, is a different story.




“Those Bastards at Sony Vue finally cracked the code!”

I signed up for the 7 day trial and naturally dove in wallet first choosing the “”Elite”” plan $54.99 for 100+ channels with Machinima and EPIX Hits included, but the basic plan provides everything a boy or girl could dream of, AMC, HGTV, the FXX, FX,  Cartoon Network AKA Adult Swim plus much more.

Screen shots of plans attached. Link to plans:

I left out Showtime ($10.99) because it’s less expensive through Amazon Prime ($8.99) or Hulu. 

I live 90 minutes outside of the city, (New York City) in a dead zone that makes it impossible to get Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS with an OTA antenna. The death of Aereo was painful. (

With Playstation Vue, I get the major local networks ABC, CBS, NBC FOX, and a clearer more focused lineup than my sole option for cable and high-speed Internet Cablevision/Optimum. Broadcast channel availability will be different based on your region.

Unlike Sling (which I left 2 months ago) this service has polish no bloat, level commercial volumes and smooth DVR playback. If you designate a show as “”My Show”” it automatically DVR’s the program which was a pleasant surprise the following day. This truly feels like the future of TV. 

After the trial I will likely drop to “”Core”” ($44.99) to keep IFC and Sundance, which are not included with “”Access”” $39.99. Currently all channel plans are discounted by ten bucks. 

The standalone channels are discounted $1-2 if you are a Playstation Plus member. (Showtime, EPIX Hits, Machinima, & Fox Soccer Plus) 

I do not own a Playstation, however I created an account on the Playstation website and downloaded the app via a banner add on my Fire TV. Finally a banner ad worth clicking on! 

I was on the fence about whether or not to buy a PS4 of Xbox One, now I’m leaning towards the PS4, because of this and the fairly reasonable price of their VR bundle. 

Lastly this might work for my parents, my Dad watches daytime court, the news and wrestling. My mom watches the 4 major broadcast networks, Netflix and Amazon Prime. I think a Fire TV w/ PS Vue and the continued sharing of my Netflix and Amazon Prime will convert my retired parents into cord killers before the year is out.

Between my Roku, Mac Mini HTPC, Xbox 360 and Fire TV, I never though that I’d only ever really need an Amazon created streaming device to consume nearly everything under the Sun. 

By the way it only cost me $0.00 after the 1st unit I got for $89.99 (Amazon Black Friday Deal) malfunctioned and they refunded my original purchase price. 

Unfortunately if you want it all, things can get costly. With HBO Now, PS Vue, Netflix, Showtime, Prime and Internet you hit about $146.20, if you choose the top tier plan. Knock of $10-20 if you choose one of the lower plans. I left out Hulu as DVR and broadcast network channels are included in PS Vue service. Either way all of this is way too much content for one person to consume, watching TV has become like a second job.

Oh,  and chrome cast support is limited to IOS. Apple could forgo their own deals and simply have the PS Vue app in the Apple TV store

Potential Monthly Costs for me using only the Amazon Fire TV:

Optimun/Cablevision Standalone Internet: $49.99
Playstation: $39.99-$54.99 plus standalone channels
Amazon Prime: $8.25/month
Netflix: $8.99/month

Optional addition KODI with Repositories: Free 

Any insight into how Sony managed to out do Dish owned Sling would be great. Did you all watch the latest episode of Black Mirror?  You will never look at your personal/spousal relationships the same again. 

Apologies for being verbose. I look forward to becoming a Patreon soon. 

Keep up the good work, guys. Great Job!




Hi Brian and Tom,

When Brian said Fandango is NEW movies and FandangoNow is OLD movies, I was thinking maybe they should have called it FandangoThen.



2016 Summer Movie Draft