Chilling Tales: “To Be Human” by Andrew Harmon + Feat. Tom Merritt of Sword and Laser

I was honored to be asked to narrate a story for Chilling Tales about an intelligent experimental android taking on a family trip to a cabin in southern Illinois. So much fun. SO MUCH DARK. Hope you enjoy.

In this tale of terror by CTFDN staff writer Andrew Harmon, an enterprising technology expert takes a multi-million dollar artificial-intelligence robot along on his family trip to his lakeside cabin in advance of its unveiling at an upcoming event. This robot, named George on account of his curious nature, is not like other A.I. robots; George learns by observing. At first, this sounds like a unique and wonderful concept. However, the protagonist’s wife, Chelsea, isn’t quite so sure about her robotic roommate, and is hesitant to spend a day alone with it when her husband is called into work suddenly. Perhaps her fears were not so unfounded. As the family discovers that George’s utmost desire is to become human, they’ll learnt he lengths he is willing to go to in order to get what he wants.