More power for the AI! – Ep. 20

Will we finally switch to nuclear power? Will AI finally come true?  Find out from Patrick Beja and Stephen Schleicher on this episode.

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Interview with Cory Doctorow – The S&L Podcast #028

As a wrap-up of “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” we finally snag an interview with the author of the Sword and Laser book club selection.  Cory Doctorow is always a fun person to chat with, and this episode is no exception.  We do query him on some of the thoughts behind Down and Out, but also about writing and the publishing industry in general. We also let him pick our next book!

Quick Burns

Ursula Le Guin’s Petition Against Google Books

8 Comic Book Relationships To Make You Feel Good

Book Pick

Our next book is The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi.