Water Wars – Episode 2

For our next trick, Scott and I got Leo Laporte of TWiT fame, and Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback to square off with their visions of the future.  You may think Leo is the optimist, but you’d be wrong.  Witness the title of our episode.  It was Jim that has the rosier view of the future. Including the chance for all of us to someday become Ashton Kutcher.  Listen in folks, it’s a good one. (We did have some issues keeping Jim’s Skype connection going, so forgive the occasional Skype ring or beep).

Listen to the episode at this link: http://www.archive.org/download/FourcastEpisode2/2fourcast.mp3

#021 – The S&L Podcast: A Game of Thrones

We loved A Game of Thrones, but you’ll have to listen to find out why. We also get into fantasy metal songs with a metal expert, and report some news on the Game of Thrones on HBO.

Game of Thrones Wikis
Unnoficial Songs of Ice and Fire
A Wiki of Ice and Fire
But Tower of the Hand is much much better! Thanks Padwen!

Game of Thrones being shot for HBO Sean Bean cast as Lord Eddard.

A Game of Thrones card game.

BARE YOUR SWORD – feedback from the audience
What Was Robert’s Rebellion Really About (Minor Spoilers, Major Speculation)

Check out these lizards they’ve discovered that swim through sand in the Sahara. They didn’t mention it, but I’m guessing they smell like cinnamon. :)

Love the Show,
Dave in Portland

Abner Senires sings amazing parody songs… this one is about the Kwisatz Haderach.

ENGAGE – Interviews with interesting characters
Talking to Charles Davis, from Metal Gamer and the Chizzle and Dizzle show.

Holy Thunder Force: Charles dares you not to air guitar to this one.

Rain of a Thousand Flames: This the one that has a nude woman in it, but Charles assures us, it is definitely the most ridiculous one they have made.

Unholy WarCry: 10 minutes long and the one that has Christopher Lee dressed in a giant king costume.

Magic of the Wizard’s Dream: Charles says it’s not that interesting of a music video, but it’s the one he mentioned that has Christopher Lee singing on it.

QUICK BURNS – unrelated news of the month
Download DroidMaker for free

1969 Hugo Awards. Neil Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin and Michael Collins received a Hugo Award in 1969 for The Best Moon Landing Ever. Also Novella “Dragonrider” by Anne McCaffrey [Analog Dec 1967,Jan 1968]

Tagline Contest
Come up with a tagline for The Sword and Laser! The winner will have their words emblazoned on the back of our new t-shirts, which will be making their debut at Dragon*Con this September!” Email [email protected] by Wednesday July 29.

Beware the Lunar Molemen – Episode 1

Well we did it.  Scott Johnson and I have been circling around a podcast idea for awhile, and we finally have pulled it off.  Welcome to FourCast, a monthly podcast of predictions.  Every episode we’ll have two guests on to go through short term, long term, and crazy predictions about what this crazy old world has in store for us.  It’sreally just an excuse for us to sit and talk with interesting smart people and share the results with you.


We’re proud to have Len Peralta of JawBone Radio and Monsters By Mail, and Veronica Belmont of Tekzilla and Qore as our first victims, er, guests. This episode was a blast, dealing with the end of the world, the terraforming of Mars, and of course, MoleMen. Hope you enjoy it!