Phileas #25 – Eurovision Love

I love The Phileas Club podcast. Patrick Beja from France and Turki from Saudi Arabia gather people from all parts of the world to discuss the news from their unique perspectives. It’s an excellent way to check your prejudices and get exposed to viewpoints you won’t find anywhere else.

This episode was extra-special for me because I got to be on with my old BOL co-host MOlly Wood. It’s our first podcast appearance since I left CNET. And it was a blast. We talked about the issues with the Euro, the Eurovision singing contest, the World Cup and what it means to South Africa, and more.

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Interview with Laurie R. King – The S&L Podcast #032

This week we’re very pleased to have a chance to talk to author Laurie R. King. Ms. King is the author of the  Mary Russell series of historical mysteries, featuring Sherlock Holmes as her partner, and a series featuring police officer Kate Martinelli, as well as several standalone novels. King’s first book, A Grave Talent (1993), received the 1994 Edgar Award for Best First Novel. Her latest book is The God of the Hive.

5 Epic Science Fiction Book Series to Read This Summer.

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East Meets West 208 – You need a vacation

Roger and Tom chat about what a vacation really does for you and how vacations got started, plus venture into the world of celebrities and why they’re popular, plus a quick dissertation on all this live streaming video on the Net these days.

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