CurrentGeek 179: All About Eve

Welcome to the Current Geek Film Festival, a special monthly look at the greatest movies of all time from a geeky perspective. 

Our monthly look at the best films ever continues, this time with All About Eve.

CurrentGeek 178: Land of Lando

Lando is coming back for number 9. Space stuff! HBO is doing a new Whedon show. Do NOT open that coffin. Y: The Last Man is coming to FX. What Star Trek ship would you live on? Echos but for dogs! Toto’s perspective and more!

CurrentGeek 176: Detachable Pinkie

More star-trek? Sounds good! Lucasfilm is putting stuff on hold. Netflix shows a peak at Matt Groening’s new show! That guy did not lose his head as we thought! Russian billionaire wants to take you to space. FOURCAST: No hair in the future. BEST THING OF ALL TIME THIS WEEK: 1password 7 and Broadchurch. Your emails and more!

Current Geek: Scott and Tom brainstorm about the show

This afternoon, Scott Johnson and I sat down on a hangout to chat with the chat room, take some questions and even do some live brainstorming about the forthcoming return of Current Geek in 2014. The show will definitely be a weekly gathering of the folks you love talking about the geeky things you care about. Tech, movies, video games, comic books etc, will all be on the docket. Plus we talk about ideas for guests and segments and much much more.

The video is in two parts as we had a little hangout glitch in the middle. Other than that it went off without a hitch. Enjoy!