Anthropomorphic cat detective! – The S&L Podcast #036

This week we round up a lot of news and discussions ranging from the release of the Kraken book, to what Jane Goodall reads at the beach. Plus we begin the quest to pick our next book.


The Darkest Lie by Gena Showalter currently top-selling scifi/fantasy on Amazon     
Out this week: Kraken by China Mieville  
Scientists recommend their favorite beach reading   
Octavia Butler, Roger Zelazny, and Richard Matheson inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame   
Blacksad: hardboiled detective fiction about anthropomorphic animals (no, really)    l
BARE YOUR SWORD – feedback from the audience    
Spoilery: The Moralities and (Necessary?) Evils of the Redeker Plan   
Realpolitik and the Zombie Menace   
Modern profanity breaks fantasy immersion??   
Book Kickoff soon. Look for the poll on the website.    
We’ll be making the poll soon, so give us your ideas before we make up our minds and get set in our ways!  Even if it’s just an author or a type of novel.     

Hey Veronica and Tom,

First, let me say I’m liking the greater frequency of S&L. Hope to see more.

Add me to the tally of people Veronica has introduced to Temeraire. I recently finished Victory of Eagles; it’s an amazing series and I look forward to more.

Game of Thrones on HBO. Here’s the thing about the Ice and Fire books. They are incredible books, however I had to stop reading after the 3rd one because it literally depressed me. If the HBO series is near as good, I doubt I’ll be able to watch it, which is too bad.

Also, I vote for a video version of S&L on

Anyway, cheers and thanks for the great book-lovers podcast.

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