5by5: The Frequency

I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest at the end of the latest episode of The Frequency with Dan Benjamin and Haddie Cooke. It’s their reboot of the show as a weekly, as I understand it. We talked a bit about how I do things at Tech News Today and it was quite fun.

A word about the title of the episode. Earlier in the show they had mentioned that Robert Scoble said he never took his Google Glasses off except to sleep. That led to Haddie wondering if that meant he never took a shower. Later in the show I mentioned during my morning routine, I shower, and cracked “unlike Scoble.” Of course they titled the show “Unlike Scoble, I take a shower.” How could they resist.

Let me go on record as saying that, despite my little wise crack, I believe Robert Scoble to be a paragon of hygiene. And there are pics to prove it.

You can catch the show here.