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 Just got back from the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 where we were runnin’ and gunnin’ all week long.  Didn’t have a chance to update the blog here as I went, unfortunately. So I collected links to most of the videos I did right here.

WoWee Flytech Bladestar

Garmin Nuvi 880

OQO O2 (handheld computer)

Liquid Image underwater digital camera 

Sennheiser MXW1 wireless earbuds 

BUG Labs open source hardware

Belkin Conserve surge protector

Microbot Herey robot

Spykee robot 

WowWee Tribot

iLuv video iPod dock 

Belkin RockStar headphone sharing 

Slingbox Pro HD 

iRiver IAMOLED personal media player

CNET Top 5: Best  things about CES

Buzz Out Loud 637

CNET Live from CES

Quoted: Christian Science Monitor

A few quotes of mine appeared in a recent Christian Science Monitor article on printer ink.

“What I’ve found over the past few years is that ink itself is a very good commodity to be in,” says Tom Merritt, executive editor of CNET, a technology news and reviews website based in San Francisco.

“I tried one of the home kits,” says Mr. Merritt. “But it just turned into a sloppy mess. I’ll probably not use them again.”

“I’ve found that if you just pop them out and put the cartridge back in as if it were new, you can usually trick the printer into using the same one,” says CNET’s Merritt. “Or, if you really do a lot of printing, consider a laser printer.”

Link to story “Why Printer Ink Is So Expensive