#019 – S&L Podcast: Talking Daemon with Rick Klau!

We’re very pleased this week to have Rick Klau, product manager at Blogger, as a guest to talk about the book Daemon. Rick is friends with author Daniel Suarez and gives some insight into the books creation and the long road to publishing.

We also give our impressions of the book. Which we probably didn’t make clear enough, that we absolutely LOVED it. There are some good threads discussing Daemon in our Ning group. If you want to jump in try the “How would you have ended it differently?” thread or the thread discussing the encrypted text at the end of the book.

Congrats to Mark who may have accidentally won our copy of Dune. Although it looks like he actually meant to enter after I’m looking at the thread post-show.

Next book will be by George R. R. martin. But which one? You can weigh in on our pick the Martin book thread.