#013 – The S&L Podcast: Holy crap! We finished Anathem!

Long show tonight, so I’ll keep the blog post short! In case you haven’t finished the book yet, there are SPOILERS in this podcast for Neal Stephenson’s Anathem, so beware! Don’t forget to take a look at the ever-growing Wikia page for Anathem.

We also want to congratulate Michael M., who won the last contest (and wins a Logitech headset!). Here is his winning closing sentence:

“With palpable relief Schuman slumped over the rail waiting for the pool of magma to close over the briefcase and reflected to himself that he still hadn’t had a cup of coffee.”

That’s a book I’d like to read! We also want to remind you of our special offer from Audible for the first story in the original audiobook, METAtropolis!

We’ll be going back to a regular weekly or bi-weekly format now, so look for Tom’s pick for the next book soon!

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