Frame Rate 78: Tricky Dish

Hosts: Brian Brushwood and Tom Merritt

Ad-skipping DVR targeted, more Apple TV set chatter, Tron: Uprising, and more.

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Running time: 1:14:57

One Response to “Frame Rate 78: Tricky Dish”

  1. William Burlingame

    On Frame Rate 78 there was a discussion about the death of the person who invented the remote control. I had a remote control in the 60s, but it work on ultra sound and made an audible click. Hence the name “the clicker”. I had a friend who owned a bar. One night after hours he was counting the money in the til. When he dropped some coins on the back bar, the noise turned on his TV. He said all of a sudden he heard some voices in the background and thought he was about to be robbed.