#378 – Ointment for Your Brain

The Hugo Nominees are in! And we’ve read some fo them! Also the Nebula Nominees are in and we’ve read some of them too! And we have thoughts on the beauty of this month’s pick, This is How You Lose the Time War.

#375 – 16 Books Enter, One Becomes Pick

We unveil the 16 books we’ll be pitting against each other in our quite Mad March tournament of polls. We also chat about the Nebula nominees, introduce our March pick, and give our final thoughts on Gideon the Ninth.

#374 – Chaotic Neutral

We need your book nominations for our totally “mad” March tournament. Of books! Also we’re psyched Locke and Key is on Netflix, the new Naomi Novik series, and our first non-spoilery thoughts on Gideon the Ninth.

#372 – Hmmm… hmmm.

We’ve got Hugo nominations open! And a new Heinlein novel. I mean “new” to everybody but him, we guess. Plus, we kick off In the Company fo Others by Julie E. Czerneda.

#371 – Science Fungus

Veronica explains the awesome piece in the New York Times about Ken Liu, we’re excited for The Witcher, we announce the January book will be In the Company of Others by Julie Czerneda, and we wrap up The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett. Plus, we put the “fun” in Science Fungus.

#370 – Death is Her Favorite Character

Got reader’s block? We’ve got some tips to get you out of it. Is there too much SFF out there now? And why Death is Veronica’s favorite character. We kick off Hogfather and give our final thoughts on Snow Queen!

#369 – Jeffety Jeff Jeffers of Planet Jeff

How we’re feeling about the Snow Queen, and where it’s world-building might have drawn from. Plus two alternative pronunciation guides for the character names. Plus, a treasure trove of awesome articles about SciFi-type things!