#472 – Felicia Day Opens Her Third Eye

We talk to Felicia Day about her new Audible Original Third Eye, and how her own struggles led to her story about a chosen one who fails. Plus, we talk about the importance of doing what you love and learning to leave your past behind (and why she’s eating ground turkey a lot).

#471 – PSL: Pumpkin Sword and Laser

Guess what? The new Bobiverse is coming, and we would love to have your emails! Plus, we’ve got some super cool thoughts (no spoilers, promise) on China Mountain Zhang by Maureen F. McHugh. But you don’t have to take my blurb for it!

#470 – Hammfisted

The last new Terry Pratchett stories, the rise of nonsense literature, a brief intro to our September pick China Mountain Zhang, and final thoughts on Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo.

#469 – Venomous Breaded Hairtail Sucker

Veronica has been in Canada for a year, and the best book in Canada is about Marie Antoinette. Tom ate some breaded hairtail and is excited about Gail Carriger’s K-pop post. Plus, we announce the September book and give a few non-spoilery thoughts about Ninth House.

#467 – It Was Good Filk

We get to the bottom of why it’s called Fahrenheit 4-5-1 and which songs get stuck in our heads when we hear “Aes Sedai.” We finish up our thoughts on Planetfall by Emma Newman and kick off Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo.

#465 – Skirting on the Edge of Danger

Some of our favorite authors are giving away free short stories and winning Locus Awards. What the best book club pick we ever made was. Why books that make you uncomfortable are important to read. And our last thoughts on Fourth Wing.

#464 – Awesome Bundle

So much good news! Telltale Games is making a game based on The Expanse! Season 2 trailer for Good Omens!Humble Bundle has Mercedes Lackey books. And we think it should stop being humble and admit it’s awesome! Plus we check in on Fourth Wing. Turns out more people like it than you think.

#463 – OK Ant Computer

Are lengthy books inherently inferior? Tom and Veronica ignite a clash of generations! Furthermore, we delve into the captivating world of Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros and conclude the enthralling journey of Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky.