Tom is on holiday

If you’ve been looking around the Internet saying things like, “Why isn’t Tom on Buzz Out Loud?” or “Huh, I haven’t seen any new videos on CNET TV from Tom lately.” or perhaps, “It seems like a long time since the last East Meets West episode,” then I’m flattered but also worried that you may have developed an unhealthy obesession.

However if these sorts of questions have crossed your mind in a non-chalant manner, and you’re able to take a very beatnik-like attitude of apathy while considering them, appearing unconcerned if you receive an answer or not, then I believe you will be OK. And I also believe you wear a black turtleneck and smoke cloves.

For anyone who fits or does not fit the above description, please be aware that I have taken a brief respite in Arizona where I pan to take the sun for my health, and enjoy games of base ball played on a green field by professionals in the employ of millionaires. I will also eat mexican food. Until I’m done with such pursuits (namely March 18th) there will be no new works of Internet from me.

However, if this leaves you with a little extra time, you may take a moment out from reciting fugues to peruse the back-library of parody news from SuBBrilliant News. I am told doing so would qualify as an “indicator” for some such thing or other in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual. But as I have so often noted, I am not a psychologist.

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