TenState: A Comic Book Project by Tom Merritt & Len Peralta

TenState LogoTenState is a comic book series about a fictional TV reality show called “The Ten” that goes terribly wrong. It will be told in ten separate 10 page black and white installments. We are asking for money to fund the first three issues of the series. If we make the initial goal, we will add stretch goals for five issues and finally, the whole 10 issue season. Len and I have sketched out a basic story arc for season one, but we have ideas for at least four seasons. We are treating this comic as an episodic television series in the vein of Lost, The X-Files and The Walking Dead, but with the bite-sized presentation of a webseries.

Get a free 8-page teaser of the book and help fund our Kickstarter here.

2 Responses to “TenState: A Comic Book Project by Tom Merritt & Len Peralta”

  1. Tom, I contributed to your Kickstarter and want to congratulate you on your first day’s response!

    I was wondering if you’re planning on devoting a podcast or YouTube/Vimeo video to your Kickstarter strategy. A documentary, if you will, that might inspire an OLD generation of writers.

    WHY? Because so many of my writer friends are baffled and frightened by what’s happened to publishing. Personally, I’m very fortunate to have a royalty stream from my ad and infomercial writing, but I have friends who counted on the old, paternalistic publishing model, and are rightly scared to see it withering away. Even those who have jumped into the chilly waters of self-publishing are finding themselves, ahem, at sea.

    I know that entrepreneurial types like YOU probably feel right at home on Kickstarter, but there are plenty who never knew about this “pay your own advance” route — which, when it works, also creates a community of evangelists for your pub. I also realize you’re not the first to do this, but you ARE uniquely suited to film and comment upon the experience.

    If you created a documentary podcast, walking folks step by step through the process — how you wrote and shot the pitch, planned the premiums, blah blah blah, and how everything worked out — I’m sure it could help change the publishing world for the better, and save a lot of writers who feel swamped right now.

    I know it’s kind of early to ask you for this, but I wanted to plant a seed. Hope you’ll consider it after the first issue is put to bed — and maybe even shoot footage along the way.

    Thanks for listening, Arthur(@kingofkats on Twitter and TWiT chatroom)