Tech News Today 258: Save That Saliva

The Wii U has secrets inside, Sony’s 3D apology, RSA finally cops to total insecurity, and more!

Guests: Mark Turpin and David Prager

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One Response to “Tech News Today 258: Save That Saliva”

  1. Tami from South Carolina

    In regards to the gamer survey I think I’m little offended that you guy were questioning the result. I am a soon to be 37 year old female hardcore gamer I play TF, COD, Halo and Modern Warfare and have been a gamer since I was 8. Most of my friends also gamers. I’m a mother of two girls who also love video games. It’s not just swearing 12 year olds on x-box live. We have all three consoles and two pc in our home that are all used for game some casually games but mostly not.