Snowmen Hunters: I killed their show

Snowmen Hunters FinaleMolly Wood and I got the honor of being cast in the final episode of the long-running hit Internet show “Snowmen Hunters” which I am very sad to see go. It was a blast, and I really want to thank Chris for letting us participate. Plus I don’t think it’s too surprising that after having us in it, they’ve decided never to make another episode again.

Watch the episode entitled “You’re ice cubes BITCH!!!

One Response to “Snowmen Hunters: I killed their show”

  1. Oh, pish-posh (that’s how it’s spelled, right?). The show was wrecked long before you got there… Er, I mean, you were GREAT, and the show is GREAT, and we were happy to have you.

    Seriously though (has anyone ever been serious after saying ‘seriously though’) we were really honored you and Molly chose to play in our sandbox. It was a lot of fun having you in it, and the fact you two were up for whatever idiocy we threw at you meant a lot to us. But it should probably worry your loved ones.

    Anyway, look forward to listening to BOL in the new year, and wish you a happy holidays.