Jeff Cannata’s New Show: I have been revealed!

Jeff Cannata of Always On and formerly Totally Rad Show has a Kickstarter wrapping up for a new venture. He’s been revealing some pretty amazing guests for his first run of episodes. So I’m pretty damned honored that he asked me to be one of them. Jeff is a great guy, a fantastic host, and I’m really looking forward to the show whether he had asked me to be on or not. After all, I am a backer as well as a future guest.

Today he updated the Kickstarter page, and when you see the pictures you will note that he added his FIRST BEARDED PERSON! I believe– well, I don’t want to say it was a token pick, but let’s face it, his guest list while incredible, was beard deficient.

So if you haven’t already taken a gander at it, head over to Jeff’s Kickstarter, and if you back it, he’ll update you on schedules and release dates and all that stuff as it gets decided.