Jason Howell joining TWiT, will produce Tech News Today

I’m super-excited that Jason, long-time producer of Buzz Out Loud will be joining me at TWiT, and producing Tech News Today. Here are the details from the press release.

The TWiT netcast network has hired Jason Howell to
bring his podcast production expertise to the channel. Owned by
longtime tech broadcaster, president and Chief TWiT Leo Laporte, the
five-year-old company sees Howell, his experience and following as the
key piece in developing their 24-hour technology network.

Howell leaves a position as producer of the popular daily tech news
show “Buzz Out Loud” and director of all podcast production for San
Francisco-based CNET/CBS Interactive, where he has worked since 2005.
He co-created and hosted “Android Atlas Weekly” as well as producing,
editing and publishing the majority of CNET’s live streaming and
downloadable shows both audio and video..

“TWiT is undeniably at the top of its game, delivering high quality,
timely tech news and entertainment programming online,” Howell said.
“To be invited into the fold is both a thrill and an honor, and I’m
ecstatic to produce fresh content with Tom Merritt once again.”
“I’ve always seen TWiT as a place where great content creators could
come and bring their visions to life,” Laporte said. “Jason will bring
perspective and experience that will benefit us greatly. We’re
thrilled to have him join the TWiT family.”

TWiT is home to many of the world’s most popular shows about
technology, including “This Week in Tech”, “Tech News Today” and the
most popular shows about Apple, Microsoft, Google, Web 2.0, computer
security, and more. The network broadcasts 30 live shows each week on
its live-streaming channel http://live.twit.tv, offering most shows
for download via iTunes and elsewhere.

Howell previously worked with the host of TWiT’s Tech News Today
program, Tom Merritt, where they developed CNET’s early podcast
strategy together.

“Jason is a pioneer in podcasting. He created CNET’s podcast approach
from scratch in the early days when few outlets were podcasting,”
Merritt said. “He brings a wealth of production expertise to the
network. His insight and talent are essential to running a 24-hour
network with high qualityshows.”

About Leo Laporte and TWiT
Leo Laporte is president and Chief TWiT of
the TWiT netcast network and host of “This Week in Tech” (the world’s
most popular technology podcast) and the nationally syndicated “Tech
Guy” radio show. Laporte is the former host of “Call For Help” and
“The Screensavers” on TechTV. He and other hosts currently create more
than 40 hours of live technology programming each week, streamed live

42 Responses to “Jason Howell joining TWiT, will produce Tech News Today”

  1. Congratulations to Leo, Tom and Jason. This is fantastic news for the TWiT network. I’ve enjoyed Jason’s work at CNET for several years and have always been impressed with how hard he works. Not only is he an adept producer, but he also possesses an insightful perspective on technology. I wish all of you the best!

  2. LOL, my dreams are coming true. The people of the top two live video podcast are coming together under the TWiT Banner. Now all Leo need is to bring Molly Wood, and Natali Del Conte to the team and my world would be complete.
    Keep up The great work Leo! 🙂

  3. geekosphere101

    And the tidal wave continues for Tomas Merriiitt, the great TWiT Usurper. First he joins, then he brings his wife along to control Leo, and now he brings in Jason to take over the tech of the cottage. King Leo needs to watch his back.

    In all seriousness, this is freaking epic. Jason is a true pro. Erik has done a wonderful, excellent job engineering TNT, so I don’t think TNT will improve much, but the overall implications of Jason being involved at TWiT is amazing.

    Now just get Molly to join the revolution 🙂 Perhaps she and Becky can have a rugby match live on air?

  4. Dustin Schmidt

    Congrats to Jason and everyone at TWIT. I have enjoyed watching the shows he produces for many years now and I have no doubt he will make excellent addition to the TWIT crew.

  5. That’s awesome news! Jason is perfect for the TWiT network! But does anyone else recognize these recent CNET personnel acquisitions as being similar to when Revision 3 started pulling the talent out of ZDNet (DL TV) a couple years ago? I think it’s great!

  6. Fantastic news. Let me echo we strongly encourge Molly Wood and Kelly Morrison to make the jump. I bet on TWiT that Gadgettes would succeed where CNET was not able to. Jason rocks, and we listeners are really pleased to hear this great news!

  7. Congrats to Jason and Tom (back together)! this would be a great treat for TWiT viewers/ listeners.

    I hope Erik still stays on as an on air host/ co-producer for Tech News Today (We haven’t ran out of adjectives for Erik).

    I agree, with Molly on board, TWiT can have it’s version of Gadgettes and perhaps a great rotation of Tech News Today hosts and other shows.

    Now, if only Leo can convince Veronica Belmont and Ryan Block to have a show or two on TWiT…

  8. It’s great to see more talent at TWiT. However, I really hope that they will soon look at getting a second studio so they can produce shows better and more on time as more shows are added/improved.

  9. and please don’t kill Buzz Out Loud! I like Molly where she is right now. She is doing a very good job with Rave. I like TNT the way it is, with Becky, Sarah and Dr. Kiki!

  10. @Tom.. I think its about people and pace- the interactions, currently its not to my taste.

    Generally the show and your approach is fine, but when it comes to people, its a personal thing and its not working for me. I will continue to dip in to see how it evolves.

    All the best for the show, im sure adding Jason will bring a new dimension. 😉

  11. Welcome to TWiT Jason!

    I’m happy that TWiT is bringing over the best from CNET. But, I sure hope they don’t make a mistake and bring Molly over as well. She’s the bad apple of the bunch. (I don’t think there’s a more hated person on CNET than Molly. Don’t bring that bad will to TWiT!)

  12. I do enjoy the Molly rants but sometime she could get angry and emotional. I still remember the 1st gen iPhone rant. It was so angry that I stopped listening for a while. I really like TNT now because it is analytical, funny, and the best thing is, no rants

  13. I like it the way it is: Tom and Jason. Stop right there.

    I’ll still listen to BOL, but now I like This Week just the way it is.

    How about some new blood as opposed to known knowns?

  14. Great news about Jason. I haven’t listen consistently as the Becky mix doesn’t provide a good offset. I think you can figure out the answer. But did she say, “Suck it TWIT” too many times?