CNET Insider Secrets: Surf the Web anonymously

The Onion Router (TOR) is an excellent way to cover your tracks on the Web. Weather you’re a whistleblower, an expat, or a spy, it’s pretty good anonymity. And really easy to use.

See more videos like this at CNET TV. Link to this video on CNET TV.

One Response to “CNET Insider Secrets: Surf the Web anonymously”

  1. spencerdav

    Well I followed Toms recomendation and install Tor. It has been an absolute nightmare. This is not a program for a novice or even somewhat experienced internet and cpu user. The software will not uninstall. I have searched the web, and have found many people with this issue. My browser no longer work the same, and no plugins will install. Please beware. Tom, if you are listing I would love some help to get my cpu back the way it was before I install tor. PLEASE HELP!!!! ANYONE!!!!

    [email protected]