The IRC channel is up!

As promised in the most recent podcast, our good friend Ryan (a.k.a. TuxOtaku) has set up a Sword and Laser IRC channel! Here are the details:

Room: #swordandlaser

We’ll be doing some scheduled chats soon, but otherwise feel free to pop in and say hello from time to time! Just be mindful of spoilers (in fact, let’s keep current book discussion to a minimum unless otherwise noted).

The Sword and Laser 16: Pants!

Sword and Laser bannerIn this installment of our new monthly format, we talk about our progress in the current book selection from Robert Jordan. We also touch on Watchmen, Daemon, and of course, pants.

Get the episode here.

East Meets West Dinner Video

Eileen has done her video magic again with a documentation of our trip to DiBartlo in Oakland after East Meets West 146. enjoy.

#015 – The Sword and Laser Podcast: We disagree!!

Turns out that just because Tom likes a book, doesn’t mean Veronica will (she kinda hated it). But we learned a lot about paranoia, and Polish communism. So it’s not a total loss. Meanwhile we have determined that the podcast should be a once a month affair. So get ready for regularity! We’ll be like the monthly bran in your reading diet. And we hope to have interviews. With real people. And some robots.

Get the episode at Sword and