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1.16 Billion Email-Password Combos in Collection #1 Dataset – DTH

Collection #1 dataset includes over a billion email-password combinations, Tim Cook calls on FTC for data broker regulation, and Houseparty will integrate games to generate revenue. MP3 Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. […]

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Voice Assistant Wars – DTNS 3449

We’ve come to assume that one voice assistant technology will eventually dominate the consumer landscape. But what if that doesn’t occur and what would the repercussions or benefits of market […]

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It’s Spoilerin’ Time 251 – The Good Place (The Book of Dougs), Dirk Gently’s HDA (205)

The Good Place is back from holiday break with an almost-there bottle episode and Dirk shows us whimsy. Plus, Kristi Kates joins us for a Movie Draft update! With special […]

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