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Radical Employment – DTNS 4774

Will AI come for all of our jobs? Andrew Mayne explains why this is an unfounded fear. We explain the legal tussle between OpenAI and actress Scarlett Johansson over the […]

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Microsoft Unveils A New Class Of Windows AI-Powered PCs Dubbed Copilot+ PCs – DTH

Microsoft unveils a new class of Windows AI-powered PCs dubbed Copilot+ PCs, the U.S. is concerned about what happens if Chinese aggression escalates into an attack on Taiwan which produces […]

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Copilot Gets on the “Plus” Bus – DTNS 4773

Microsoft reveals the “Copilot Plus PC” initiative that pairs future Windows NPU integrated notebooks with exclusive integrated Copilot tools, plus new features of Copilot integration in Windows 11, and announces […]

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