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Sunday Science Supplement for November 28, 2021 – DTH

This week, Dr. Nicole Ackermans looks at research into a new material that could change the game for solar power. MP3 Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. You can get an ad-free feed […]

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Week in Review for the Week of 11/22/21 – DTH

Apple followed Meta in suing NSO Group, Twitter shows off new livestream shopping platform, and AT&T and Verizon agree to lower 5G tower strength for six months for an FAA […]

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Twitter lanza su plataforma de compras en directo – NTX

Twitter lanza su plataforma para compras en directo, Japón prueba una moneda digital basada en el Yen y México no podrá comprar tecnología de vigilancia a empresas israelíes MP3 Puedes  […]

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