Today in Tech History – January 10, 2018

Today in Tech History logo1899 – A US patent was issued for an “Electric Device,” invented by David Misell, which used D size batteries laid end to end in a paper tube with a light bulb and a brass reflector at the end. The batteries only lasted long enough for a “flash” of light, hence the name Flashlight.,592.png

1946 – The Signal Corps Engineering Laboratories in New Jersey received the first echoes off the Moon of an experiment to send the first radio transmissions through outer space.–January-10–1946

1949 – In response to Columbia’s new 33-RPM long playing record, RCA kicked off a platter war introducing the seven-inch diameter 45 rpm “single” in the US.

1962 – NASA announced plans to build the C-5, a three-stage rocket launch vehicle. It became better known as the Saturn V, which launched every Apollo Moon mission.

2008 – Sony BMG became the last major label to agree to sell DRM-free MP3s.

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