S&L Podcast – #91 – Rule 34 Wrap-up

We talk about the importance of scientists and writers partnering up as well as debate the distinction between science fiction and science fantasy.  And we wrap up Rule 34 by Charles Stross.  Did our opinons turn?  Listen and find out.


Veronica: 2007 d’Arenberg d’Arrys Original Shiraz Grenache 

Tom: 2005 Cosentino Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 


The science fiction effect 

SF flash fiction from Gaiman, Moorcock, Westerfeld, Ann Vandermeer, Gene Wolfe and others

WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE news plus some new GoT pics 

What Frank Herbert’s Dune Can Teach Us About the Power of Positive Thinking 



Your One and Only

Science Fantasy vs Science Fiction 


It’s Honest Abe versus bloodsuckers in the first Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer

HBO on the Battle of the Blackwater (and Dunk ‘n’ Egg) 

George R.R. Martin reads nursery rhymes. 


Rule 34 by Charles Stross

Charles Stross’ about page — Thanks to Nick on Goodreads for pointing it out


“Love the podcasts,

So the idea started with one of the guys calling the other “”girly-man””. So to keep a fight from starting I gave a quick class on how all males are 50% female do to the X chromosome. I have seen shows where a person goes through hormone replacement therapy as part of their gender change and are shocked by the changes in their personalty. Has there ever been a book where someone “”grew”” a man with two “”Y”” chromosomes? A “”fe”” free male so to say. If not, I am sure it would be a great idea for some book. Part of it sounds like something China or North Korea would to make a super soldier.  

If nothing else maybe they could just be put in charge of the House of Representative. (inside joke for Tom and another show)

Signing off from Afgahnistan,
SSG Michael Mugler”

“Hi Tom & Veronica,     I heard you talking about the Baen free library on the last episode and wanted to mention that for years Baen included CD’s with some of their hardback books that included ebooks versions not only of that book but other Baen books.

I always thought it was a great way to encourage fans to try other authors as well as additional books in the series and Baen encouraged people to share the CD’s with friends.
A fan has put together an archive of all the CD’s online at http://baencd.thefifthimperium.com for those of us who own the Baen hardbacks its an easy way to get all of the CD’s content in one place. Since the CD’s were distributed freely it appears to be a completely legal way to get a number of free books from Bean that are not available for free in their store. 

Not sure if this is show worthy material since I have not heard if Baen has commented on the website either way though it has been mentioned on Penny-Arcade before.  Regardless I highly recommend Baen as they are a company who seems to understand the benefits of digital distribution and go treat their customers much better than most publishers with reasonably priced ebooks combo packs and free books.

P.S. Keep up the great work on the show!!” NEW MEMBER HELLOS Scott, Manuel, Brad, Aubrey, Erik, Jeane (pronounced Genie), Ryan, Chris, Bob, Shane, Nick, Stan, Susan, Barry, Jess, Paul, Thomas, Ted, Robbin, Terje (pronounced TARE-yuh), Mira, Mason, Stuart 


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