PRESS RELEASE: “Relegation good for the FSL,” says Lee.

Commissioner Lee reveals poll stats, defends decision for relegation playoff

Trantor, Galactic Empire, 29 August 2012 /FSLNewswire/ -- While visiting representatives of the Asimov League, Commissioner Lee held a press conference emphasising that his decision to force a third team to be relegated by playoff was the right thing to do.

"More elevation, means a more vibrant FSL," lee told assembled reporters and robots. "The Galactic empire more than anyone knows the importance of a plan, and the scientific guidance of single visionary. I am humbled to play Harry Selden to the FSL's Foundation. we are preserving a better sport for all realities."

To show he is not avoiding trnasparency however, the Commissioner announced he would publish broad percentage numbers of the teams gaining the most votes for elevation in the 2013 season. Results were not being published this season to discourage ballot stuffing.

The league will accept online votes until Thursday eveing, and will hold in-person ablloting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Earth at Dragon*Con. At a special appearance of Dragon SportsTalk Radio's "FSL Tonight", the winner of the vote will be tallied and announced along with the teams that have earned elevation through performance.

"It's the most exciting elevation moment we've had since the FSL had or will be formed!" declared Commissioner Lee.

The Poll numbers released by the FSL official accounting board are as follows.

Team nominated - (percentage of confirmed valid votes)
New York Avengers (14%)
Gallifrey Time Lords (13%)
Ponyville Fillies (4%)
Dragon Road Saiyans (4%)
Sunnydale Slayers (3%)
Republic City Benders (3%)

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