Founders to take vote on Commissioner’s status

Mysterious and ancient ones not pleased at unilateral moves.

Below, 30 August 2012 /FSLNewswire/ -- After controversial moves against the FSL champion Canton Jaynes last season and unilateral decisions regarding relegation and conoslation games, Commissioner Stan Lee has caught the unwelcome eye of the league Founders.

Waking form their more common death-like sleep, the Founders or some aspect of them assembled to deliver a statement through a Spokesperson who appeared to the press as a huge pallid gelatinous oval.

Accounts differ ont he exact wording but most reporters after recovering from an inexpressible terror, agreed that the message had been the Foudners were unpleased with Lee's actions and considering replacing him as commissioner.

An unnamed man-eating cloudy mass familiar with the matter told Bloomberg the Founders were just looking for the right replacement, alive or dead, and hoped to have a new COmmissioner named before the championship. Many fear Lee may pull another move against the champion team like he did against the Jaynes last season.

"He's addicted to relegation," said the cloudy mass.

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