2 Responses to “East Meets West 192: Let’s go home school!”

  1. Tom, I’ve listened to you for years but somehow never checked out East Meets West. Just got an iPhone and watched this episode through the Twit app via Odeo, and plan on being a regular listener/viewer from here out.

    In addition to enjoying the show, I about fell over because while I knew you were from Illinois I didn’t know you were from around Greenville/Pocahontas. I live in NY now but grew up in Central Illinois in and around many similar towns such as Elkhart, Mt Pulaski and (don’t laugh) Cornland, and one of my siblings currently lives in Pocahontas. The Gretchen Wilson sign should be replaced with a Tom Merrit sign as far as I’m concerned. Maybe the Tom Merritt sign should also say DANGER ZOMBIES AHEAD.

    From one transplanted small-town Illini to another, thanks for your work!